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As I've been working on a Kingdom Hearts fanfic, I was thinking it would be fun if there were more costume changes for the characters (like Halloween Town and Atlantica) so here is a challenge to draw the KH gang to blend in with other worlds! For judging, I'll make it a simple layout of points because even though other animes like YuYu Hakusho and such are not Square Enix or Disney, it still would be fun to see

So required~
Sora, Kairi, Riku, Mickey, Donald and/or Goofy are to be in the picture
(if you want to do just a group of three or two or four, that is okay--for points I will multiply the final score by how many of these characters you have)
In my story I introduce Zefferia who is a What If, she is a figment of Riku's imagination so she looks like an older version of Kairi with a more developed body (even though Kairi remains a twig XD Zefferia is an hourglass figure and Kairi is a rectangle) So BONUS points (x5) if you attempt to add her like this or her later form, which I will reveal upon request...if there is anyone interested in tackling that XD (she's kind of like Xion but not, coloring is the same but a lot longer hair and she's in her twenties)
(Full group prefered! )
You may include other KH characters like Namine, Roxas, locals to the Worlds, etc. (Locals will only add one point, KH characters that have a costume change will add a multiplication point)

1 point for drawing ^_^
2 points if in color
2 points for making Sora, Riku, Kairi in late teens/early adult
5 points for background
5 points if it is a scene (vs a pose)
5 points for designs not yet used in Kingdom Hearts
5 points if a World I like
7 points if it's from Disney or Square Enix
10 points if it is a world I cover in my fanfic (whic will also give you +7 since all my worlds they visit are Disney or Square Enix!)

Worlds in my Story~
*Destiny Islands (school uniforms or update to them being older)
*Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (different races described here)
*Spiral: Bond of Reasoning (Spiral manga uniforms)
*Cinderella III: A Twist in Time (rags or royal, but in the time period)
*Disney Castle (Something Disney-ish)
*Aladdin III: King of Thieves (Arabian Dessert turbans and such)
*Lion King II: Simba’s Pride (Lions and such, like before but Kair and Riku are there this time!)
*Little Mermaid II (Merfolk forms, like before plus for the other characters)
*Radiant Gardens (Final Fantasy Characters~guess they'd be the same here)
*The Arcade (Classic 8-bit games from long ago)
*Incredibles (Hero outfits thanks to Edna Mode, "No capes!")
*Finding Nemo (Fishies! They're smaller than in Atlantica)
*Torsion Town (NEW Location--more info upon request)
*FullMetal Alchemist (Homunculi would be fun XD but it would be good to blend in in Resembool)
*Dragon Quest VIII (Outfits to blend in as troubadors)
*Aristocats (KITTIES!)
*Peter Pan (Lost boys animal clothes)
*Book of Pooh (Need we say Christopher Robin?)
*Sleeping Beauty (Faries, Castles, Dragons, and Knights)
*Pure Imagination (NEW Location--more info upon request)
*Kingdom Hearts (more info upon request, but it's spoiler-ey!)

Hope that made sense ^^ First I'll add all the addition points then multiply it by all the multiplication points, simple math right? The top 3 scores will get gold medals.
First 6 entries get TheO gifts ^_^ Depending on how many entries I may also give out gifts after the contest has ended and I get more gifts to give out.
I'll make an e-card dedicated to the world in my personal favorite regardless of the points' score
I'd like to feature nice fanarts in worlds they visit in my fanfic for those who don't mind me featuring their work

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kh costume challenge:Aristocats ~HametsuKuro
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