Angel Zakuro (eCard Portfolio) electric chapel.

electric chapel.

I hope I did this challenge right. I mean, I know what a color splash in my mind, I did this right. XD I guess just the rules confused me with having only ONE thing be in color...but I went with red lighting on the left side...but still, there's only one color with the black and white image. D: ANYHOO. I like it. I think it turned out great. XD;

I used this scan (got it originally on FM gallery...but that link wouldn't work!), which obviously wasn't b/w to begin with. So I started by desaturating it and then working with the contrast and brightness to make it a sharper black and white. Then for the color splash I used a red gradient set on "lighten" over on the left side...the text, well, the font I used for "electric chapel" is actually the Death Note font. XD I never used it before, but this really worked out!! Haha. Um, I just got Lady Gaga's new album today...and I really liked Electric Chapel and thought it would match well with the image...a dark angel and all.

So yeah, I hope you like it! <3 I do. I hope it counts for the challenge. XD

Edit: I just realized that I kept saying "right side" when I meant LEFT. Lol. Epic directional fail. XD So I fixed those...

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