aragorn1014 (eCard Portfolio) Don't Worry

Don't Worry

From a quote that my teacher said and my dad coincidentally repeated the other day to me when I was having a bit of an emotional breakdown lol.

Izumi Sano and Mizuki Ashiya from Hana Kimi, which I LOVE~ I'm writing a 4000 word essay so this is really what I should NOT be doing right now but I just glanced over at my art book while I was getting frustrated with this and suddenly the quote popped into my head. I wanted to use it right away then, so yeah haha.

So this is for anyone that is going through hard times: whether it be school work, family hardships, or otherwise. You may find it really hard to believe it now, but in the end we always manage to get through it somehow. And I promise you if you just stay strong, you will be more than fine in the end!

To Jounin-san for always keeping me up!!<333 You are always saying such sweet things and when you send even just a little message, I always want to smile. Everything that you say is so heart-warming and I remember when you dedicated the Essentials to me and that just really lifted my spirits. You choose such wonderful quotes for all of your cards, and I can't help but feel happy and SO grateful for having you in my life. You are SUCH a blessing and thank you for always being there and keeping me strong!<33

And to anyone else, please just remember that it must all come to an end sometime, and I guarantee you, there will be that day when you will wake up and say "I'm alright." =) I love you guys so much and stay strong!

Izumi Sano and Mizuki Ashiya(c)Hisaya Nakajo
Textures(c)Respective owners on Deviantart

Take care everyone! Now back to writing this 4000 word essay xD

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