HelloKatty (eCard Portfolio) A Dream......

A Dream......

What I Thought Was A Dream....
A Mirage, Was As Real As It Seemed.

ok this card was just an experiment. i was experimenting with my new fonts and brushes! YES i now have pretty fonts and brushes and i'm so happy! XD the brushes are really pretty and i have new pretty fonts too! i'm so happy! *coughs* well even though it was experimenting it came out really pretty to my surprise! i love how it turned out so i decided to submit it! yayz!

m'kay well about this card. the quote is part of the lyrics to the song Gomenasai by T.A.T.U i thought it went well with the picture! and i used a new pretty font that i downloaded! I also used a Glitter type brush to give it a fantasy, dream type effect! and it came out great, i love the effect the brush gave it! and lastly i edited the colors and the brightness/contrast to make it brighter!

i have the non-brush version of this card but i don't feel like showing it to you. if u wanna see it just ask.

lol i'm a Noob at this so i know it doesn't look all that great, but I'm proud of this! if u guys have tips about brushes, please tell me. :3


Image from: Abyssal Chronicles
Brushes from: Obsidian Dawn
Font from: dafont.com
Made In: GIMP

next time i make a wall i shall try out my new brushes on it and if i like it i'll submit it!


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