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Whale Watching

The inn was crowded and full of people. Laughing smiling, talking or joking. Some people were crying or yelling in anger but they were not a threat. Oh no they were just stupid people drinking their silly little drinks. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed it a little; because I knew I was far better than them. But the weeping was truly getting on my nerves. I glared at the back of the man who cried and cried and cried. Like a little girl. I felt my teeth grind against each other.

"What are you doing?" Ryane whispered the shrill noise snapped me from my staring. "Be alert! We cannot lose Her again! Remember last time?"

I growled.

"Yea I remember." Turning away from the stupid bird I was stuck with.

I let my eyes scan the crown again. Searching for my prize. She had gotten away all those years ago but not again. I had Her this time. I knew exactly what She would do and where She would go. Food and drink was always Her first stop. And why would She steal? Guards would be on her in a second. Oh I knew that She would be here. Soon.

I felt the small laughter bubble in my throat.

"Quite! You stupid fool!"

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