This is Teh Biju Club
I'm the leader and SandLover13 is the co-leader.
This is an Role Play Club that posts stories that can lead to a multitude of adventures. The stories will get perverted though... so you write a perverted part, you're a perv. So everyone that's written something like that is a perv basically. It won't get that way if you don't want that to happen.
Enjoy yourselves here.


Draw your character as they were when they were younger (as in the first grade) for the up-incoming story

Point Scores

Nekomata: 15
Houkou: 20
Kaku: 5
Raijuu: 52
Dizzy: 10
Suki: 60
Takahara: 25
Chiyoko: 25
Kenneth: 40
Yami: 15
Kokoro: 20
Izzy: 15
Yoni: 15
Dutch: 25
Joe: 20
Meeko: -
Kayo: 10
Getsu: 5
Yojo: 5
Ryo: -


Rookie - Starting
Ally - 10
Animal (The animal demon you have) - 30
Half Demon - 65
Demon - 80
Biju - 100
Biju Sibling (Only for the siblings of biju ex. Misa, Kai, and Chiyoko currently) - 100
Legendary 9 Member (Only for members of the legendary 9) - 120
Biju King (Only for Kyuubi though) - Unavailable


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DeidaraNarutoClan(Kyuubi ♂)-King Of Biju/Leader
SandLover13(Shukaku ♂)- Legendary 9 Member/Co-Leader(?)

Other Members:
gaaragirl911(Nekomata ♀)-Ally
Hikari Mogami(Houkou ♂)-Ally
gaara is cool135(Kaku ♂)-Rookie
vdr-07(Raijuu ♂)-Half Demon [Weasel]
firestar95(Dizzy ♀)-Ally
Sasukelover001(Suki ♀)-Wolf
imouto chan(Takahara ♀)-Ally
Otomi Babii(Chiyoko ♀)-Ally
Naomi Bear(Kenneth ♂)-Cheetah
Luna chan(Kokoro ♀)-Ally
Emo Biznich(Izzy ♀)-Rookie
wolfdemonchild9(Yoni ♀)-Ally
dutch13(Dutch ♂)-Ally
simplebeast231(Joe ♂)-Ally
animelover7310(Meeko ♀)-Rookie
littlepooch(Kayo ♀)-Rookie
AngelsCryTo(Getsu ♀)-Rookie
infernoboy10(Yojo ♂)-Rookie

Now Handing out Pre-made OCs for Teh Biju Club
Current Ocs:
Isonade (Male-3 tailed Turtle)
SojiRem Hachimata Hachibi (Male-8 tailed Snake)
SojiRem Kai (Male-10 tailed Wolf)
Naomi Bear Yurikami (Female-2 tailed Bobcat)
ajLOVEStobiRosie (Female-1 tail Skunk)
Ryochi30 Taylor (Male-1 tail Dog)
Sokou (Male-4 tailed Rooster)
Maddison (Female-3 tailed Squirrel)

Aouu... 0//////////0

I got THIS Dutch13 ! ;D


After meeting other creature, bijuu, and scary thingy in the house, I managed to find me some time to myself. I never had this in a WHILE, aouu. With the drama and the chaos that was in the house? HOW CAN I? :O

I went inside my room and sat on my fluffy inuxneko beeny bag chair.

"Ahh~.... Sweet time to myself... aouu", I admit I was T.I.R.E.D! I've been using alot of energy lately on useless crap, aouu...

"I... *yawn*... guess it's safe to call... it... a... niiiiiiiiiighhhh-TUH..." I dozed off very slowly to a relaxing sleep...



"Chiyoko? It's me Suki. Can I come in?" A voice said from the other side of the door. OH IT'S ONEE-SAN♥

"Come innn~" I sang with a smile. She opened the door and in flew a note into my hands. "Aouu?" I began to sniff the note... it smelt of combat boots... DUTCH-KUN~

"Dutch wanted me to give this to you, kay?" She winked, pointing out the obvious.

"Hai! Arigato Onee-san." I smiled widely to her. She grinned a small grin back towards me and closed the door. I began to examine the note once more... What a strange way to get my attention... YET SO EXCITING AS WELL! I opened it without any patience and began to read:

There's something that I wanted to tell you... and I can't hold it in no more... So meet me by the pond in the backyard woods so I can tell you... I can't tell you around people.


OMG! What did he want to tell me... without any people around...? Maybe he was.. an atasuki! Or even worse... he was captured by the supreme leader of the team ditto monkey people!!! IT MUST BE THAT! :O


I opened up my window and jumped out of it, and dashed, heading towards the woods. I had to hurry... HE MUST BE CAPTURED AS WE SPEAK! When I reached deep deep DEEP into the woods, I began to sniff the ground...

"-sniff sniff- perfume... -sniff sniff- latex condo- WTF!!!! Snap out of it Chiyoko, STAY FOCUSED!.... -sniff sniff- combat boots... DUTCH!!" His scent pointed north so that's exactly where I ran towards. I reached a pond and a figure sitting by it. Was that Dutch? The figure looked my way and I saw his deep blue eyes. Yep, Dutch! He's okay! I ran up to him and glomped him!

"Dutch-kuuun~ you're okay! You didn't get captured by the supreme team ditto monkey people after all!" I snuggled more into his chest. I felt him squirm a little.

"Uhh what?"

"Oh nothing! You're okay, that's what matters, aouu!" I looked into his eyes and he looked into mines. His face flushed red... and from his face expression, he seemed troubled.

"Dutch-kun, whats wrong?" I asked, still hugging him.

"I uh... I got to tell you something... I-I was holding back for a while..."

"So spit it out! Not on me though cus that would be nasty... but JUST SAY IT!" I smiled.

"I-I.... I l.... I!" This is not getting no where...

"Ya know", I interrupted. "You can just SHOW me. Like in a good game of charades? Let's do that!"

I guess I gave Dutch a little more confidence. He nodded and held me tight with his left hand. His heartbeat played a beat next to mines. He pulled up my chin with his free hand. My wolfie ears plopped up. "Ao-" And then he kissed me.


the title fainted and died.

after a quic hi and buy from chyoko i got back up off the ground and laid back. My mind was going crazy with deep thought. I finaly snapped out of it. Pulling a peice of paper out of my pocket and writing on it with a pin. I couldnt stop writing and finaly i finished with little paper to spare. I got up and walked over to suki. She spun around and hugged me,"HI DUTCH-CHAN!", she said. I hugged her back and leaned down to her. "suki, please give this to chyoko. youre her sister and i trust you.", i said handing her the now folded note. She let go and looked at it in her hand. she put her hand to her head and saluted me. "yes sir! dutch-chan!" she said loudly as i put my hand over her mouth. "ssshhhh", i said. She nodded and walked into the house while i headed into the nearby woods and sat on the shore of a pond and waited.


sorry its short! im getting ready for football game. otomi take over. ;)

New Entry: Ken Watanabe

I'm SOOOOOOOO OOPERRR sorry for the late entry! Every time I told myself I was going to post up Ken's Profile, I end up going somewhere. T^T Oh! I'm not using Yurikami anymore since Shukaku is gone. I guess the family's going on vacation or...

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It's been forever.

It felt like it had been forever.

It really did.

Houkou hadn't been out and about as much as he should have, being too busy with his kids, and with Neka.

Hell, he wasn't sure anyone remembered him, and if they did, what would they say? There were plenty of new Biju around to take his place anyhow.

He leant back again a wall, frosted eye scanning the are, while his hand adjusted the eyepatch. No one had said anything yet, but he knew the younger, newer Biju would ask questions.

They didn't even know who he was.

He doubted anyone did anymore.

Well, at least he knew.

He almost forced a friendly smile, feeling a bit awkward. He wasn't used to seeing so many...faces. Things had changed while he was gone, that was for sure.



Sorry everyone orz;; Feel free to chat him up.

Ne, Ne.....

Random title is random is all I'm saying

I yawned as I opened the front door to my apartment and went to check the mail. I pulled out the mail and went through it. Ad, ad, bill, ad, wtf? I looked at the return address on the letter and hurriedly ran back inside. I was still in my PJs for crying out loud! I quickly changed into my normal clothes, grabbed my skateboard and headed for Kyuubi's.

"Ne..Yoni where are you off to?" Yojo asked, coming out of his apartment in his in his PJs. "Kyuubi's. I'll be back later," I said. My brother nodded and headed back inside.

As I continued to Kyuubi's house, I began to wonder why we all got letters instead of just being called. I shrugged as I heard a loud explosion. I slapped my forehead. It must've been the scorpion biju. I hurried to the house to see the entire front door blown to bits.

"WTF....Who blows up a door?" I muttered, running inside. I looked around, debating whether to talk to someone or to just lean against a wall and be quiet. I decided to just be a wallflower than to talk with anyone..