Hi, I am Rose Erin, a Transgender person,Artist, hobbyist,And a whole lot else.I Identify as kind of an artistic girl with a love of true fandom dorkiness.
I'm not your cookie cutter nerd girl though! I am actually pretty good at writting,drawing,Designing, and sound & music.Not Great yet, but decent enough to get some praise.I hope My ramblings in this World if I post all that much dont bore you.


when ever i look through all my art I get sooo depressed.
when I was a noob I had all these comments and I posted often.
now that Im good at stuff I post less and get less reaction for it.

I always thought I get better I get more friends, but with life and other sites getting in the way I have basically kept the same amount.
I dont follow anyone anymore. I used to read comics all day.
Phoooey. I feel like Im majorly missing out even though I do so much.
Music/art/ even some rpg maker action. I not only became a shut in irl I became one on here to. odd how that works. Im not sure even if people read my posts here. Am I active enough to even get a passing glance?

Last night I took along look through my old stuff. as a teen I was much more bright and willing to work.maybe if I get back to that,Ill be able to establish more positive attention. Either way this lifestyle Ive had for the past 3-4 years is very depressing.

it included ; moving 3 times, monthes of trying to get a job and failing to get anything. A roof nearly falling on my dad, a house fire that burned my sisters room completely up and destroyed much of my families possessions. ( I lost the least cause of my place in the house and nobody died or was injured) this after re-building the Fallin roof. and it was a result of an arsonist(stupid kid who was living with us for a while) Losing 4 cats Who really loved us but we couldnt keep cause our move was to an animal free house. My big sister kept em in the front yard like we did(they were very well behaved outside cats and loved attention) ALL 3 of the grown cats ran away when we moved- they were that attached to us. the only reason they stayed in her yard for so long cause we had to stay with her for a coupla monthes after the fire (the young one was too young to keep outside- we just gave her to a family) I always regret not breaking the no animals rule. none of the cats we left behind had bad habits and theyed be just fine in the yard.

as if that wasnt enough My friend has a mini tragedy as well; his dad broke both his feet and lost his tv and xbox to a lightening strike. this town hates people being content. whenever you get comfortable, something happens.

Lake Dallas Tx- fuck you
-sincerely Rose

The alien warship

Ive had my hands on minecraft for awhile now-and Ive been playing it pretty much all the time. This can be somewhat troubling seeing how it gets in the way with drawing and music production. oh well, Ill be addicted to it for a while and itll most likely become less important over time. specially as I figure out all the advanced stuff.

I am also trying to finish the chapter of crash book 2 before posting it.Thatll be fun.

And it was all in one piece!

So yesterday I got my converter for my hard drive (I had to Get a new pc-But it was SATA only so I had to get my IDE a converter-and now its here)

So now I am using it as a slave-cause It blue screen of deaths me if I try to boot-wont get paste the login- Must messed it up when I unplugged it during the fire. (I ran in to get the kitten and Wanted to save my computer from being electro fucked- So I unplugged that whole wall-while it was playing music and running full force- so yeah- the files are all there though.

I can access everything from here and even edited some of the files.
Someday Ill get a 1 or 2 tb Sata and dump everything onto it. Might take a minute but I got a fresh XP disc and plenty of patience.

now just waiting to get my graphics tablet-Then Ill be all drawy.

Well Im back

house aquired. computer aquired. Stuff cleaned up-Finally settled back down.
And better I am much more happy here. I miss alot of the stuff I lost or was unwilling to try to clean-but Im ultimately better then before.

I ordered a Graphics tablet- I will be drawing agian soon.
Thanks to anyone who was hoping for me!
I will be sure to draw something for yall


I currently have no home, My sister's friend, a 12 year old burned down my house.
Before thanksgiving He set a drape on fire that totaly ingulfed the back of the house. My stuff was covered in soot and ashes. We lost alot even if the fire or heat didnt effect the item.

When we get a new place, Ill return here with plenty of new drawings.
I'll work my self up again.