We Poke-People Sure Do Attract Trouble...

"Hello? Is anyone here?"
I looked down into the hole in the ground, where someone was calling for help. Even in the dim dark of the forest, my feline eyes helped me see that a young Nidoran girl was the victim.

I extended an arm to her and helped her climb out. I guess only cats can climb, I thought.

I smiled to the Nidoran. "I'm Nyarth," I said. "What's your name?"

"I'm Nina," the Nidoran replied. "Are there more gijinkas out here?"

"Yeah, there a lot of us in the clearing. I can bring you there if you like."

"Okay!" she said happily. We headed off to the clearing together. Wow! I saved someone! I hope everyone else is proud of me!

The first thing I noticed when we got back was that Estelle, the nice Espeon, was gone. Where did she go? Maybe she needs rescuing too!

After showing Nina the present work on our treehouse home, I excused myself to go look for Estelle. As I pushed my way past the leaves and branches that blocked my way, I couldn't help but get a little worried. But then I remembered that Estelle was for one, another cat, so she could see in the dark; and two, she was old enough to be by herself safely.

The sun completely set as I followed her scent, which was leading me toward a small town.

Continue? If Estelle doesn't want Nyarth to help her then just have her tell him to go to sleep, or something. Whatever works for you!