*stomach growls* Finally, time for noms!!

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As I turned away from Moyasu to find others to talk to, two older gijinkas came up and sat in the chairs across from me. I recognized the Kadabra from the Valentine's ball....but the other one, clearly a Glaceon, I couldn't remember seeing much. I guess he's new. I heard another chair scraping, and I looked over Moyasu to see Hiro, the Mightyena, sitting in the other chair next to Moyasu.

After muttering amongst theirselves a bit, the Kadabra and Glaceon looked over to me. "Good evening," said the Kadabra and then the Glaceon, amiably.

I smiled. "Konbanwa! Hm, I recognize you, Kadabra-san. Your name is...?" I cocked my head to the side questioningly.

The Kadabra replied with a chuckle, "I'm Badrak, Nyarth. I'm pretty sure we already met." The Glaceon cleared his throat and Badrak continued, "Oh and that's Gil."

I put my arm behind my head. "Gomen!! I might've... Nice to meet you Gil! We don't have many ice-types here, do we? I'm sure you had a nice welcome. ^-^" My stomach then decided to once more assert its demand for food, and I blushed a bit and folded my arms around my middle. "I'm sooo hungry!!" I complained. When is the food getting--"

Just then I was cut off by Lupe-sama announcing that we had a guest with us. Everyone leaned over the table and turned their heads, trying to see who it was. There, between Hon and Hoom (who were looking very tense), was yet another Houndoom gijinka...he so closely resembled Hoom and Hon. That must be their father! How nice!

But why do the younger Houndooms look so agitated and nervous? Something's not right....

I decided to ask Moyasu the first question of the evening. I turned to him, and Hiro was handing him a pair of chopsticks. The food started being brought out by some of the other gijinkas, and we all started passing the huge plates of food down the table. As I took a fork and hefted some meat off a platter onto my plate, I spoke up.

"What do you think about that old guy in between the two young Houndooms, Moyasu-san?" I said in a lower voice so as not to let the people down the table hear me. "I dunno, but I feel like something's wrong. Hoom and Hon don't seem happy at that surprise..." I frowned, thinking. Many gijinkas had bad relationships from their past, so that might be it. I paused for Moyasu to (hopefully) give me an answer.

Come on Moyasu-san.....you can do it. Talk. You gotta learn to be less shy sooner or later... I thought as I finished filling my plate and started chowing down. Man, was I hungry!!

om nom nom nom X3


Ok, kinda short, but I left spots for people to come in. Gil and Badrak can put in their input and stuff, and Hiro can talk, and lots of stuff. Whoo! I can't wait to figure out what exactly Hoom and Hon are tense about.