Where is she? :'(


After I finished washing the berries that my Onee-chan and I picked, I decided to take a few in a basket and find my friend Nina. We could hang out and eat the berries together! ^-^ I hadn't talked to her in a while and wanted to see how she was doing.

I still didn't fully know my way around the house yet, so I just wandered around. After quite a few minutes, many hallways, and four flights of stairs, I still couldn't find her. Where could she be, anyways?

I decided to go look outside for her. As I opened the back doors, a nice warm gust of air brushed past me. Mmm! The wonderful smell of outdoors. I readjusted my grip on the basket and headed out. A few feet away, on a grassy knoll, someone was laying down. She looked familiar so I padded over to her. I was about to greet her, when she suddenly stirred.

"Mmmmm! Akira's trying to sleep!" She said shading her eyes and looking up at me. "Oh hi, Nyarth!" She grinned and then laid her head back down on her arms.

I sweatdropped and chuckled. "Gomen, Akira! I didn't know." I sat down and ruffled in my basket. As Akira tried to fall asleep again, I nommed one of my berries and scanned the yard for Nina. Lots of gijinkas out in this nice day, but no Nina. Where could she be? I frowned.

I dunno, I think I'm in a block too. I dunno what to write about so I just did random stuff. I hope more people are active! I think all the schools are out by now, so what's keeping everyone? :/