It's Mutual! We're Going to the Ball Together! =^-^=

I'm sorry in advance for the short post today; I'm going to be gone all day visiting family for the Superbowl! I only have a short amount of time before we have to leave, but I wanted to type up Nyarth's response to Estelle buying him a new berry pouch and to Nina blurting out that she wanted Nyarth to ask her to the ball. Here goes!~

I finished eating my bagel and went to put the knife I used to spread the cream cheese into the sink. I heard someone enter the kitchen, put something on the kitchen table, and left the room as quickly as they had come.

I turned around, curious as to what they had left. There, sitting on the table, was a small leather pouch. It was a drawstring kind, and there was a little card attached. I read it:

"To My Little Oto-chan.
I went to town today to buy materials for sewing, and I saw this too. I thought you'd like it!
I love you!
<3 Estelle~"

My eyes sparkled in happiness and excitement. I sat down at the table again and I slowly opened the pouch to see what was inside. To my surprise, several Poffins spilled out onto the table. Oh, wow! That's so nice of Estelle! She bought me a new bag to hold berries and Poffins, and even got me some of my favorite Poffins too!

I smiled widely, unable to contain my happiness. Estelle must've known somehow that I lost my other Poffin case and needed another one. She's so nice to me. I have to remember to tell her domo arigato gozaimasu later when I see her!

As I was putting the Poffins back into the bag, someone sat in the empty chair next to me. I turned my head. It was Nina. I was happy to see her! That, and Estelle's gift had made me in a really great mood.

She looked really excited about something, and was bouncing up and down in her chair. "Nyarth! Nyarth!

"Ohayo, Nina-chan!" I said jovially. "Had a good sleep?"

"Did you hear? There's going to be Valentine's ball! And everyones going to dress up, and there will be dancing and food!"

My ears perked as she said this. A dance? That sounded like a lot of fun! I wanted to go. Then another thing hit me. Maybe....Nina wanted to go...And I could ask--

All of those thoughts occured in a split second, and then Nina continued her sentence. "And I want you to take me!"

Right after she said that, she flushed a bright red and her hands fluttered up to cover her mouth. I could tell she didn't mean to say that last put it frankly, it was hilarious... I couldn't help but laugh.

I started laughing really hard. I shook with laughter. I put my head on my arms on the table and tried to stifle it. She probably thinks I'm laughing at her! Oh no. I don't want that! With some effort, I swallowed most of the laughs and raised my head from my arms, and looked at her, smiling. She looked slightly stunned.

"I'm sorry Nina-chan! I wasn't laughing at you...Really I wasn't. It's weird, 'cuz just as you said that, I was thinking that I could maybe ask you if you wanted to go with me," I said that last part a little softer, my arm behind my head, scratching. Hm. She must really want to go with me! Yay!

Her blush receded a bit and she grinned slowly. "Great minds think alike, huh?" She said.

I laughed. "Hai!" I exclaimed. This is really weird... usually I'd be deathly nervous in a situation like this. I guess I can be myself around Nina. It's easy to be comfortable around her...

I added hesitantly, "So...we're going to the ball together. It's settled!"

I shifted my gaze to a window beyond her. It was such a nice day outside, a great day to be outside. I loved being outside in nature. A thought occured to me. "Hey, wanna go for a walk outside? It looks like a really nice day. Oh-but if you don't want to we don't have to..." I added hesitantly. I hoped she would want to; it would be fun! I grinned slightly and tilted my head to the side, waiting for her answer.


Sorry, I had to edit a bit about what Nyarth was doing when Nina found him. 'Cuz Estelle also interacted with Nyarth also.

Well there ya go Nina! Have fun with Nyarth on y'all's little walk! Sadly, I won't get back from my relatives' house until 11pm, so I don't think I'll be able to reply today.... but in the meantime, you can describe how it feels outside and let Nina explore her feelings and such... and she can bring up how she never heard Nyarth's story, and she could tell him her story. I dunno, just giving you some ideas to write about. It might be kinda limited since I won't be able to give Nyarth's story today but...

Nyarth is normally unsure of himself and more shy, but Nina brings out his more confident side! No wonder he isn't stuttering. Hm.

Hope everyone likes! I keep getting compliments on how much people adore the NyarthXNina pairing... I agree, kids these days.... too prescious! X3