After some thing I decided that this world is really going to be for some random OC's, my Elementals and my Gijinka just to keep it more organized. I will probablt be updating the banner soon. I just have to think of one first.

Patrick the Liepard | Zane The Zangoose| Sora the Skarmory (shiny) | Peter the Pidgeotto| Vail the Vulpix | Ventus the Ninetales | Flynn The Greninja | Travis The Blaziken | Peirce the Empoleon | Sidney the Luxray | Aurther the Articuno | Drake the Darkrai | Myles the Swampert | Sebastian the Blastoise (shiny) | Osamu the Samurott | Jade the Jolteon


Sasuke Kaisai | Toshiro Unido | Ryuu Snyder | Uryuu Snyder | Kyoshiro Grim | Renji Ulric | Aaron Strife | Gilbert Reis | Sean Kaisai | Jason Grim | Jaden Wang

Other OC's

Jacob| Kai Hikari | Ace Conner | Hissori Wick | Mai Wick | Angel Stirling |

Jinx Black | Dante Faris | Leon Smit | Momoka | Nicholas | Alexander | Jing Song |

Jade the Jolteon

Pokemon: Jolteon Nationality: 135 Title: Lightning Pokemon Type: Electric Ability(s): Volt Absorb and Quick Feet Attacks: Thunder shock, double kick, Thunder fang, Thunder wave, discharge, thunder, thunderbolt, c...

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Jing Song

Name: Jing Song Nickname: Gender: Male Species...

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(WIP of bio still working on) Name: Alexander Nick Nam...

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Name: Nicholas Nickname: Nick, Nicky Gender: Male...

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Name: Momoka Nickname: momo Gender: Mal...

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