After some thing I decided that this world is really going to be for some random OC's, my Elementals and my Gijinka just to keep it more organized. I will probablt be updating the banner soon. I just have to think of one first.

Patrick the Liepard | Zane The Zangoose| Sora the Skarmory (shiny) | Peter the Pidgeotto| Vail the Vulpix | Ventus the Ninetales | Flynn The Greninja | Travis The Blaziken | Peirce the Empoleon | Sidney the Luxray | Aurther the Articuno | Drake the Darkrai | Myles the Swampert | Sebastian the Blastoise (shiny) | Osamu the Samurott | Jade the Jolteon


Sasuke Kaisai | Toshiro Unido | Ryuu Snyder | Uryuu Snyder | Kyoshiro Grim | Renji Ulric | Aaron Strife | Gilbert Reis | Sean Kaisai | Jason Grim | Jaden Wang | Harley Lash

Other OC's

Jacob| Kai Hikari | Ace Conner | Hissori Wick | Mai Wick | Angel Stirling |

Jinx Black | Dante Faris | Leon Smit | Momoka | Nicholas | Alexander | Jing Song |

Babies that need lovin! (OPEN)

SO I have some Adopts that I would really like to use. With a few of them I'm tempted to write a story with so I won't put those up here since I'm still thinking about it. But I really want to use these babies and develop them more. (I wanted to d...

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Elemental Headshot monochrome comissions

I felt like putting them all on here for everyone to see! I'm so happy with how they turned out. I still have three more to get done but I need to finish my reference sheets before I can do that. These are all done by the same person. ...

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Feel like rping. It can be over comments or pm, Skype (if you want Skype you'll have to wait till I get home for me to add you. I won't get home till 10 tonight. But everyone is open for rping. That's including adopts which can be found here. Just tell me who you want me to rp with and we can pick a setting or just get the ball rolling. If you want to test out a character that's fine.

I will say this now if I don't like how the rp is going or if you start controlling my characters and make them do things I know they would never do I will just stop the rp and no longer reply to you.

So with that said who wants to rp?

New Greninja baby!!

I have a new greninja baby that I made!! He's a Shiny and he's Flynn's adopted little brother!! Meet Fletcher ...

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Harley Lash

Name: Harley Lash Nickname(s): Beval (gypsy name), gypsy, airhead Age: 19 Gender: Male Date of Birth: October 10th Height: 5’9” Weight: 153lbs Eye color: Bright Purple Hair color...

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