After some thing I decided that this world is really going to be for some random OC's, my Elementals and my Gijinka just to keep it more organized. I will probablt be updating the banner soon. I just have to think of one first.

Patrick the Liepard | Zane The Zangoose| Sora the Skarmory (shiny) | Peter the Pidgeotto| Vail the Vulpix | Ventus the Ninetales | Flynn The Greninja | Travis The Blaziken | Peirce the Empoleon | Sidney the Luxray | Aurther the Articuno | Drake the Darkrai | Myles the Swampert | Sebastian the Blastoise (shiny) | Osamu the Samurott |


Sasuke Kaisai | Toshiro Unido | Ryuu Snyder | Uryuu Snyder | Kyoshiro Grim | Renji Ulric | Aaron Strife | Gilbert Reis | Sean Kaisai | Jason Grim

Other OC's

Jacob| Kai Hikari | Ace Conner | Hissori Wick | Mai Wick | Angel Stirling |

Jinx Black | Dante Faris |

Osamu Hashimoto

Pokemon: Samurott (shiny) Nationality: #503 Title: Formidable pokemon Type: Water Ability(s): Shell Armor: Opponents moves cannot critical hit Weak Against: Electric and Grass Attacks: Water gun, Focus ene...

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Sebastian Klein

Pokemon: Blastoise (shiny) Nationality: #9 Title: Shellfish pokemon Type: Water Ability(s): Rain Dash: If heavy rain weather is in effect, recovers 1/16 max hit points at the end of turn. Weak Against: Electric a...

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Myles Maxwell

Pokemon: Swampert Nationality: 260 Title: Mud Fish Pokemon Type: Water/ Ground Ability(s): Damp: Explosion and Self-destruct will not work while this pokemon is on the field. Swift Swim: When Rainy, the pokemon&r...

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Water Starter Babies~

For those who know me and pokemon. They know that I love choosing the water starter for any generation of the Pokemon games. Well I've been meaning to do this a few day's now, but the huge commission that I had been working on that I FINALLY got d...

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Jason Grim

Name: Jason Grim Nickname(s): Jay, Grim Age: 18...

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