50 Manga Series Challenge (2013 edition) (2/50 read)

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How do I rate manga?
Originality + creativity: 2 points - how often it was done, and how well it was done this time
Characters: 2 points - evolution, interaction etc.
Realism/believability: 2 points - does it make me roll my eyes or nod in agreement?
Flow: 1 point - disjointed or complete?
How much I enjoyed it: 3 points - because it's an opinion after all

Other notes
I am a fan of yaoi so I review yaoi titles as well. Don't worry - they're properly flagged and don't contain any explicit images or descriptions.
Feel free to recommend manga, I'm always looking for new reads! c:
I'm currently not allowing guest posters, but I might if people are interested after a while c:
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A short review of PGSM Crystal ep 07

And this one wins the award for "Shittiest Animation Yet". Mamoru has the wedgie of a lifetime. Ouch. ...

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A short review of PGSM Crystal ep 06


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Midnight Secretary by OHMI Tomu

Figured I'd do some josei for a change, so this time I bring you a series that may just be a Japanese version of Twilight, but with slightly more developed characters and a much smuttier plot! ...

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Nemuri Netarou Awararu!! by AMANO Akira

I stumbled upon this after someone on Minitokyo made a tag for it and, of all things, I wanted to find out the last name of the girl XD After flipping through pages randomly, it started to look intriguing, so I gave it a shot~ ...

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Hikari no Machi by ASANO Inio

I feel kinda strange putting the "supernatural" tag on this, since it's got a LOT to do with discussing philosophy. But hey, I guess the "psychological" tag will make up for it. This is going to be a short review since I feel that this manga shoul...

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