Side Stories

Entry 3: Okay I Just Need to Get Through This

Okay, so I’m going to start this off with a bit more of a positive note for you. It’s been what…like three days since I’ve last written in you. I’m so sorry. I promise that I didn’t mean to leave you hanging like that. I just needed to calm down. Then I got sidetracked by Sasuke and Kyo playing cards and I joined in and fucking kicked both their asses at it. Like fucking seriously go me. I’m king of the cards bitch!!! Though, now that they know I’m good at cards they’ll probably never bet anything against me… fuck…I should have convinced them to play poker with me…how did I not think of that…Why the hell didn’t you tell me that I should play poker against them huh???? Oh wait…haha never mind my bad…you can’t really tell me can you. Nope, you’re just here to listen my story. Hum… do I really want to get back to that…I left it off in a really rough spot didn’t I? My bad…Um…yeah, I kinda have to get you through that rough patch in my life don’t I? Don’t need you hassling me to keep going with the story now do I? >_>

Where did I leave off again? Hold on, I’ll be right back I gotta flip back a page.


Okay, I be back and son of a bitch I left off at a nasty part. Well, the next day my grandparents took me to the hospital and it took them a while but they broke down and told mom what happened. Right after is when the doctors came in and said that the cancer was worse than they thought it was originally. Mom…mom didn’t make it that long after.

“My little spark, don’t ever let anyone or anything extinguish your beautiful light,” That was the last thing that she said to me when grandma and grandpa took me to visit her. It was stage four. I didn’t understand what that meant when I was little. It still hurts in thirty days after being diagnosed cancer took mom. In a month, I lost both my parents. grandma and grandpa took me in. Mom and dad were young. I think they were high school sweethearts and they got married right after they graduated. That’s what I remember grandma telling me anyways. I wonder how long mom knew…how long did she know about it?

Things didn’t get much easier for me after my parents died. I was producing more static electricity than usual. Anything metal objects that I touched there was a spark between my fingers and the object. I shocked grandma and grandpa so many times on accident. When I went back to school, everyone was trying to be friendly and try to get me to play, but I just didn’t have anything. I had no ambition, it felt like something in the darkness was wrapping a blanket tighter and tighter around me. Slowly, ever so slowly putting my spark out.

I remember the day I used my electricity for the first time. I was in second grade and I was playing with a couple of the kids in my class. Our ball got past one of the little girls with thick glasses. I was starting to get better, I thought I was anyways. You know how during lunch recess it’s a mixture of didn’t age groups of kids? Well, there were these older boys who grabbed the ball before I could. They played keep away with me. They laughed every time I missed the ball. They would throw it just above where I couldn’t reach. When I actually did get it, the biggest one of the kids pushed me into the dirt and told me to go and cry to my mommy and daddy like a little baby and I couldn’t take it anymore.

I was so mad about them bringing up my parents that I could physically hear sparks snapping in the air around me. “This kid’s a freak,”

“Yeah, look at his eyes glow.”

“Here, take your ball freak.”

I don’t know if you’ve ever been talked down to like that, but it’s the fucking worst. They threw the ball back at me and quickly walked away. When I went back to the people I was playing with then didn’t want to play with me anymore. They called me weird that I caught cooties so that’s what was making me all static, according to them anyways. I mean come on let’s be realistic here, you can only catch cooties from the opposite gender, pfft, god… >>; Anyways, all I can remember thinking is what did I do? I can’t help that I’m different. I don’t know how to make it stop. I stood there alone with the ball. Everyone else was playing around me, but it felt like I was trapped in a cage and no one would come close to me.

Let me tell you it was the fucking worst thing in the world. I hated it so much. A few months down the road there were some weird people at my grandparent’s house when I got home from school. They were talking to grandma and grandpa.

“How do I put this your grandson is special,” The older boy said to them. I’m special in more ways than one, but that’s beside the point. Go ahead ask any of my friends they’ll tell ya everything that makes me special. >_>

Listening to them explain what elementals are to my grandparents made my head spin that’s for damn sure. I didn’t know what the fuck they were talking about. Maybe they were some people who heard about what happened at school and come to whisk me away to the circus or some shit. Grandma and Grandpa were given some time to discuss what they were told and what they would like to do. Considering I was so young everyone thought that my opinion didn’t matter and like seriously fuck that shit, I may have been just a little kid but still. I had a damn opinion and I wanted shit explained to me so I could make up my own mind. FOR FUCKS SAKE. Hold on, I’ll be right back. Sasuke yelled for me.


Okay, I’m back. Oh, what’s this? Do you want to know what he wanted? Well, let me tell you, tis a secret and you’re not allowed to know~ ;3c

I’m only kidding, geez tough crowd today >_> He asked me if I could get my clothes off the line so he can put his up. God forbid he touch my boxers. I’m only joking, he was running around the house cleaning. He’s taken my clothes off the line so many times because I’ve forgotten about them. I really should do something to make up for it…I have no idea…Maybe I should ask snowflake…my back Toshiro what Sasuke likes. The two are like best friends, I think they are anyways. He doesn’t like me calling him snowflake. He says that only three people are allowed to call him that and then he neglects to tell me who exactly so I can punch them in the face and bitch at them for stealing my nick name for him. WHAT? There is nothing wrong with that so quite your bitchin. Okay, okay, fine, FINE, I’ll just kick them in the shin, are you happy now? Geez, there is no pleasing you is there? Hm…if I take my shirt off would that help…wait…no, it won’t…son of a bitch…I know you want me to get back to the story. But what if I don’t want to? I mean I am the one writing it and all. UGH, fine, you win alright, I’ll write a bit more. But you so owe me because I’m already on the third page with this entry.

So, back to the story, my grandparents talked it over for the night and a couple of days later the two people came back again and they had me pack a few bags, then off with them I went to Amoura. It was so terrifying. I mean, today I understand why my grandparents choose this path for me, but to just not explain anything to me and break down crying on me and telling me to be a good boy and listen to my elders is supposed to help make it any easier to leave them? They were pretty much the only family I had left. But yes, so by the age of 8 years old, I was in Amoura. I was living with a family that was like a foster family and I was going to the elementary school that they have on Amoura.

I think I’ll stop there for the day. Oh don’t pout, it’s not like you’re not going to hear the rest of the story. Just it’s like a new chapter to a book. You just have to flip the page…well, you can’t flip the page, but I sure as hell can. So, you shall be a good little precious and wait here on my desk…in my desk drawer where no one can get to you and I’ll be back to tell you more.

You know you love me, and you love it when I leave cliffhangers like this. ;3c I’m going to go and start getting dinner together. It’s my turn to cook tonight. Yes, precious I can cook, and if I need help I can always ask Sasuke for help. On second thought…maybe I’ll ask everyone what they want tonight…or just make what I like. What is this shit! I made it to the middle of the third page!! HERMERGERD I FUCKING DID IT!! I MADE A NEW RECORD FOR MYSELF!!! DAMN STRAIGHT I DID!! On that note~

Love ya,