Side Stories

Entry 1…Why the Fuck Am I Even Doing This??

Damn straight I’m naming my first entry that. But seriously, why the fuck am I doing this? Why is Mrs. Kaisai making us do this, I guess is the better question I should be asking. And this has to last the whole semester…fuck…I don’t want to write in this damn journal the entire semester. What the hell am I supposed to write in you anyways? I guess it’s good that we technically only have to write in this once a week. So that’s not too bad in the long run.

I know Mrs. Kaisai said something about this class goes alongside our weapons class. I thought that, even with it being a required class that the class would be telling us the history of soul weapons, not making us write in a journal. Oh wait, that reminds me she handed out papers with ideas for what to write if we’re stuck. I’m going to go get that. You just wait here. Don’t worry I’m not writing this to just waste space like there’s a certain page count that she assigned us or anything…okay, yeah she gave us a damn page limit to write, and it’s at least two pages, but depending on our handwriting it varies. She said since I write small it’s still two pages. HA! I know right, that’s just fanfuckingtastic. It’s just the best thing that could ever happen. Wait…is Mrs. Kaisai going to be reading these journals for grades? Ah whatever fuck that shit. I’ll be back I have to go find that damn paper…or go steal Sasuke’s, or one of the twin’s papers…I could always…wait…no, no I can’t do that. I was going to yell for Toshiro or Kyo and ask them what the fuck they did for this, but they had a different teacher for this class…FUCKING SHITBALLS, UGH…I’ll be back. Don’t go anywhere…not that you can.


Okay, I’m back. And damn straight I’m putting little breaks in this journal for when I leave. No, I’m not doing to just waste space. I mean…pfft, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Stop judging me already geez. >_>

And yes you get faces too. They’ll just be shitty faces so if you don’t like it well too damn bad. Anyways, I fell out of my chair as I was leaving you. Oh god don’t look upset, it’s not like I’m breaking up with you, I’m just getting started actually. And damn straight I want you to sit here and keep going, why the fuck do you think I’m writing this damn thing. I don’t need the sass and telling me that it’s a requirement for my class, so just let it go. Don’t you dare start singing Let It Go from Frozen. You do and I will strike you down in an instant. God damn, you don’t understand how many times Aaron and Jason made all of us watch that movie when the twin came back from their parent’s house.

Back to what I was saying. I fell out of my chair picked it back up, went on a hunt for my backpack, didn’t find it in my room, ventured out into the living room. Found it in the kitchen actually. I probably dropped it when I went in there to get something to drink. No, I don’t drink alcohol, I’m underage. I think the drinking age here in Amoura is 18, I don’t know. But anywho, I found it so now it’s in my room, where I should have put it in the first place. Also considering that I have the only bedroom on the bottom floor I should be able to just throw my bag in my room, but do I do that? Of course fucking not, why the hell would I do that in the first place? I mean that just sounds like the correct thing to do… UGH, why the hell am I only at the top of the second page? Curse my small handwriting oTL

If you don’t know what that is google it, or what whatever the search engine is here. I don’t give a damn what you do, It’s a person on their hands and knees alright, are you happy? Good, good, now, back to what I was saying. I found the paper, it was in my bag, in my book for the class. Which is actually a history book. But it’s a very thin history book because it’s specifically on the history of soul weapons. Funny thing is I skimmed through it when we were handed these books today in class. Yes, I skimmed it. It’s thin enough, and by the looks of it the author isn’t boring, so I may actually be able to easily make it through whatever assignments Mrs. Kaisai gives out to us. Except maybe this one…no offense journal, you have nothing to do with it. Well…maybe a little…actually, a lot because I have to write in you. Oh, right the writing thing let’s see…

Okay, so after looking over this paper I think I may actually do the pick a point in your life and tell your story up to that point…but what point should I do…and it’s not like I can ask you for help…let me think…


Sorry, I went and got something to munch on so I had to put another break in there. I mostly am doing it so I can show myself that I had to get up a few times in order to get this done. Ugh, this is going to take a long time to do if I have to keep getting up and can’t just sit here and write out two fucking pages.

No, frustratingly enough I haven’t figured out what I want to do for the significant point in my life. And there’s no way I’m getting it in this first journal entry. I’m stopping when I get to the bottom of this damn page…

Um…decisions, decisions…what to do…maybe if I make a list…that’ll waste space and help me pick out something. Important points in my life that have made a significant impact on my life are

• Learning I have elemental abilities (though that won’t be much of a story)
• When I came to Amoura (again not that huge of a story)
• The first time I wandered into the gardens here (no…that seems stupid, but it is pretty there that’s for sure)
• Meeting Sasuke

Well,…that wasn’t a very big list. Hmm…I feel like if I go with the last bullet I can get a fair bit of story out of this. Don’t worry I’ll cover the other bullets…and all the stuff that I would rather not write about, but it’s a part of this story so it’s going to have to go somewhere. So for now though I’m going to stop this first entry here and I will start my little story for you the next time I pick up this journal. Does that sound good? Okay cool, not that you could tell me no you’re going to keep sitting here and write this story now kind of thing anyways. Well bye for now.
-Nero Ulric
(Why the hell did I just sign this? Whatever, I’m really going now. Toshiro just yelled that dinner’s done and Sasuke’s cooking tonight. He makes good fucking food. Yes, precious it is very delicious and no you’ve can’t have any. That would ruin you, I’m sorry I’m not going to share. Damn, I made it onto the third page! Fucking go me! I didn’t think that I would make it this far! Okay, I’ve really got to go before the foods gone. See ya!)