To begin with the background was made by cloud55strife wallpaper here

Ok this is going to be a Kuroshitsuji family! Anyone can join if they would like to!!

I am Ciel Phantomhive

Pluto as NadjaWolf

There is now cheriblosomchibi as Druitt Viscount

then we have Foxx Mitsuki as the black cat

Reikiba is Lizzie

Pince Soma as shuichi_tokiya

and cloud55strife is Sebastion

Then there is HelloKatty Who is Alois

Then there is Naruto Uzamaki12 who is Grell.

Then Jobro fan27[/URL as Madam Red

ecnelisterger As the Undertaker

And then there is supersaiyanjounin Who is Claude

We now have Support Kira As RanMao

And we have Gin Ichimaru as Lau ^^

Then there is Blood Huntress
as Agni

Recently added Kandafan as Joker!

Our newest member of the family is Hanaha stared as gaarasgurl10

IChiTa as snake

Anyone else from Kuroshitsuji is open if you would like to join ^^

The Ball as begun

OOC: Speical thanks to ReiKiba for writing the script

As they were walking down the hall, Sebastian was behind him, knowing that the Earl had something in mind, which he would be speaking of soon.

"I want you to hold a preparation for a grand ball for the celebration of the beginning of the spring. You are to invite all of the people I know, including my partners, and acquaintances. Do not missed even Aunt Frances' family. Is that clear?" Ciel looked at Sebastian who was now beside him.
"Yes, my lord. The preparation shall soon begin." He bowed to his Young Master, and then accompanied him to the library, while afterwards, he headed for the preparation.
Sebastian smirked...

I'm bored...

*sighs* i'm so bored....Ciel should really arrange some amusement around here...*wipes blood off fingers*


New Worker

Everyone, before the ball starts I want you to meet my new asisitant Snake

I think it's best.....

Since people have decided to show up to this ball Young Master and I discussed, I feel it is best for the Young Master to work on preparations, so I can be informed on what he wants to do. Then, of course, I will start getting things ready for the ball.

OOC; This means, LIONHEART needs to write out a script for the ball, and I'll edit it XP

My Young Master and I

We have both agreed that perhaps it would be best to host a ball of sorts. Something simple, but pleasant and fun. The Estate has been rather inactive lately, and it may effect my Young Master's reputation. Would anyone be interested in participating?