Mist's Relationship Chart

(updated 10/27/2013)

Nyarth the Meowth - knows him as the "candy dealer". is in group 2 with her during the Water Gods War, admires his attempts of being brave.

Lux the Luxray – first person she met. Thinks of him as a gentle and nice friend. Is still waiting to get on the “pseudo-date” they have accorded to go on the first time they met, and is really curious to know about his trainer. she now wonders hod has he lost the eye, but thinks he looks good anyway.

Xio the Dark Luxray – met briefly during the Illusion Show. Founds hard to comprehend his real emotions, but thinks he makes a good leader. she likes to hear him giving orders to everyone.

Krory the Krokorok – a friend she really likes to stay with. Finds herself protected and at ease when Krory’s around. has trained with her, and they kissed before the war, so she is unsure of her own feelings.

Shupple the Banette – met during the Illusion Show, and also did haunting together. Has talked to her when she was sad about Arc’s disappearance.

Tanner the Tangrowth – training comrades; thinks he’s powerful and dangerous, but enjoys seeing him fight.

Estelle the Espeon – acquaitances.

Delin the Zweilous – met him once before announcing the Haunting. Thinks he’s a funny person. also burnt his ass during training.

Haxlia the Haxorus – acquaitances.

Kiki the Kirlia – companions during the war. has seen her going through a panic attack so she believes Kiki's been a kind and innocent girl.

Maura the Mawile – met during the Illusion Show, where apparently sliced her in half. they've been artners during the war and she enoyed her company and thinking.

Raimundo the Raichu – “stabbed” him during the Show. Considers him a friend and likes to talk with him.

Chandacy the Chandelure – met while talking to Shupple. Is secretly hoping to haunt something again along with her, and now that she's dead, she feels bad beacuse she didn't ha dthe time to know her better.

Kiiro the Pikachu – met while fixing the electric system, she thinks Kiiro can be easily scared but since they're friends she won't take advantage of that. believes that she feels something for Rai.

Ewan the Shiny Eevee – gave him Ramen, and has seen him getting heart surgery. is planning to help him feeling better after Chandacy's death.

Hideki the Hitmonlee - companions in group 2 during the wars. likes his ninja-like ablities but thinks he needs to learn how to spill less blood from enemies' corpses.

Lupe the Lopunny - has seen her during the meeting in the locker rooms. thinks she must be a proud and brave person.

Fiona the Flaaffy - thinks she's too kind to take part in the war they're in, but admires her for being brave and helpful.

Gyen the Golbat: Has not met.

Clair the Shiny Umbreon: Has not met.

Silas the Skiddo: Has not met

Aero the Honedge: Has not met.

Pelliccia the Furfrou: has not met.