Nyarth's Profile [Updated]

Name: Nyarth
Middle/Last Name: He has none, since he used to be an actual Pokemon, and they do not assign "middle" or "last" names.
Nick Names: Nyarthy, nekoboy, brat, sport, kid, kiddo, Buttermittens
Gender: male
Age: 18
Birthday: June 8th, 1997
Pokemon: Meowth
National #: 052
Title: Scratch Cat
Type of Pokemon: normal-type
Nature: Jolly - He has a natural boundless energy which may make him appear to be bouncing around, even off the walls. He is ready for anything and he's rather talkative and inquisitive too. It's very difficult to find him in a bad mood, but when you do, it's easy to cheer him up! He loves sweets, hugs, and dancing most of all. He does have an Impish and Hasty side to him as well, but to sum him up, he's a (sometimes annoying) little ray of sunshine-nya!
Held Items: a soothe bell and a berry pouch given to him by Estelle, with Poffins and berries that is sometimes worn on his belt loop, sometimes not worn
Ability: Technician - for all moves that have an attack power of less than 60, the base power is raised 1.5 times.
Attacks: Bite, Payday, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Fury Swipes, Slash, Iron Tail, Protect, Double Team, Frustration
Weak Against: fighting-types and physical attacks
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Hair Color: silvery-gray
Hair Length: to neck, never past his chin, really wavy and sticks up at the top
Eye Color: cobalt (in many pictures his eyes appear to be gray)
Skin Tone: medium tone, orange undertones.
Build: he looks a little younger than he really is. Tall, lean, and wiry for his age.
Markings/Scars: none
Tattoos: none
Piercings: none
Looks: he has an upturned nose, and his upper lip is pulled up a bit, showing his front teeth. For very accurate mouth references, check out these pictures of Gary Oldman from his The Fifth Element days. he has the feet of a Meowth, a coin on his forehead, has small pointy teeth which make his Bite very powerful, tan Meowth ears with tan insides, 6 whiskers, two sprouting from each cheek and one on each side of the coin, and a long, brown-tipped tan tail that is curled up at the tip.
Nationality/Background: He is technically white (looks a little European), but grew up on an island that was inhabited with Asian speakers (sort of like Hawaii) so that's how he knows some Japanese and that's why his name is Japanese.
Full Outfit: WINTER, SPRING, [Summer not designed yet], and FALL
Additional outfits: His formal tux
Personality: he is officially the 'Cute One' of the group. The youngest of the group by a couple of years, most everyone finds him endearing. He occasionally adds "nya" after a sentence or two, though this is a habit that he still has from being a Meowth. He is eager to lend a hand to anyone, as long as it isn't during one of his frequent catnaps. He has a very optimistic and bubbly personality. He is VERY talkative and sometimes impatient. His favorite place to be is outside, in the sun, meaning he likes to wander off from the mansion quite often to stroll about and find a nice sun patch to lay in. He spends many of his days in that way, looking up at the clouds and the sky. He's highly optimistic.
Orientation: UNDECIDED
His "type": Because Nyarth is the outgoing, talkative type, he is naturally drawn to the more introverted, shy people.
Rival: Delin lol none
Family: mother is a Persian (dead), father is a Raichu (whereabouts currently unknown), Estelle is his half-sister (have different mothers but the same dad)
Relationships: Estelle is his half-sister, looks up to Lux as a role-model of bravery and strength and has adopted him as his older brother figure, has a very close relationship with Addy, the Delcatty gijinka who helped him escape the lab.
Hometown: Treasure Beach (a small swim away from One Island in the Kanto Region.)
Likes: the sun, bells, sleeping, cuddling, the color orange, Poffins, and dancing.
Dislikes: sour things, people treating him like a kid
Fears: the dark, bees
Strengths: he has high speed, and he is very powerful if he uses his claw-based attacks. His Jolly nature means that his special attack is lowered, so that means he cannot control his Thunder attack very well. agile, flexible, fast and quiet. can fit into tight spaces because he is so small, and he has learned how to use his cuteness as a weapon!
Weaknesses: he is pretty susceptible to physical attacks, because his defense is pretty low.
Favorite Food: POFFINS. Noodles and fish, too, and anything sweet.
Drink: milk
Color: orange-yellow (like sunsets and sun-patches)
Tree: any that he can climb XD
Season: transition between summer-autumn
Activity: napping, being praised, cooking
Background: used to be a regular Meowth and lived with his Persian mom and Raichu dad in the base of a giant tree in a forest on Treasure Beach. When he was the Meowth equivalent of 8 years old, a trainer caught his dad. A year later, Team Rocket captured his mother and Nyarth, and flew them to their lab in the Sinnoh region for experimenting. His mom didn't survive the testing, but he did- they infused him with human DNA and turned him into a gijinka. There he stayed in captivity for a year until he was 11, until fellow gijinkas helped him escape. He fled to the nearby forests, wandering about trying to find his way home, and then came close to the mansion site, where bounty hunters were chasing the then-few members of the group. He showed up after the fight was over, and he's been taken care of by them ever since. He is grateful for the new home. When he showed up he was 12 years old, and he's been in the club for four years now and celebrated four birthdays with his new friends.