No More Ponies

HOHO!! Those ponies are gone! Yaay! Though they are so cute, I don't want them to stay longer as my avatar

Yesterday I had to retake math exam because I failed. I could (quite) handle it, the exam was not really hard. External Image

Pfft, I wish there were more gift options and emoticons here..

Oohh... don't forget! My challenge here

Help Me Please...

All of a sudden,
Firefox changes my text to bold. How to make it unbold?
This just happened now, all the text in Firefox is now bold for some reason and I can't stand it. I tried to reinstall 4 times, but it's useless. I can't find out how to unbold this crap. Can someone help me?

My friend's dad, rest in peace

Hi guys.
My friend has just lost his father. This guy is kinda 'weird' at school, he is over confident and has no friends. But right after we heard his father passed away, my class immediately donates money for him. Actually, we really care about him.
I wonder how I can cheer him up tomorrow.
oh I forgot, he'll surely be absent tomorrow.

I'm Happy Today!! XD

Oh no, my quiz was approved?? That's crap, I just don't believe it, although I can't deny that I'm glad right now. I really thought they would reject it, and it took only around 15 minutes to make that quiz. Hey, I have even remade the new questions and yesterday I was planning on resubmitting it XD

Hoho!! I promise, my next quiz.. will be.. uhm, I'll try to improve! :)

Anyway, guys, I've just finished 2 weeks full of exams. I failed at math and chemistry (I guess), the teacher haven't told me the scores but I'm sure I got red score. As for math I got 55 from 100, I know that's horrible but I'm happy because 'IT'S THE BEST DAY EVER' (clicky). I don't care with my scores.. my life is beautiful.

Oh, right.. I heard that tsunami and earthquake hit Japan just when I was eating Pizza Hut with my friends. I hope everything will be okay in Japan.


Helloooo everyone!!! I have a question.. I want to ask if this image is a fan art.. or not?