Finals ;___;

Wish me luck, Guys!! I'll be having school finals until 18th, after that I'll be taking requests ;) I'll graduate from high school. Seriously, holidaaaaayy!! I can't wait any longer. XD

I just read Naruto 627. And OMG!! I've been waiting for 7 f*cking years for this chapter!! (SPOILER ALERT) "I'm going to the battlefield, I won't let this village.. and my brother be wasted."
My reaction after reading that..
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And then..
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I have so much things to say about this chapter, but right now I can’t. Just.. my feels... I need to let it out. :')

Sorry for my randomness, Uh, I better go and study. ^^;;


I changed my world design! ˘▽˘ I wonder if anyone realizes it. XD

My premium membership expires today. (´_`。) After two years of being a premium member, I should get a six-month bonus, LOL! XD So, who wants free premium gifts for the last time from me?

I just finished my finals yesterday. I feel like a free bird now. ´◡`

Finally, I had time to hang out with my besties, we tried many new restaurant and went ice-skating for hours until my feet hurts. Then we arrived home at midnight, got scolded, but it was like the best day ever (though I spent a lot of money ‾.‾)

Anyway, does anyone know any image storage and sharing sites? I usually use photobucket but I just realized the maximum image size is too small (1 MB only).

Enjoy a random gif.

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Hello guys, I just woke up and had a weird dream but it felt so real.

I was having a trip with my family. We went by something like a railway-carriage. I then saw a giant spider on my friend’s T-shirt (yeah, all of a sudden my friend appeared in the carriage), but she didn’t seem to notice it. After that we were crossing a bridge when suddenly I could see the railway line broke off ahead and the bridge fell down. I tried to stop the carriage but the carriage moved by itself. I told my family about it but no one seemed to care, no one listened to me. I was desperate, hopeless, sure that we all would die soon. And yes, in my dream the carriage did fall down and I felt this kind of sensation when you’re on a roller coaster.. I could feel I was falling down like it was real. I thought I was really dead. Seriously, it was quite terrifying .__.

Oh well, I know dreams don’t mean anything. They’re just dreams but I feel like sharing it now. XD
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Anyway, I’m feeling so free because this semester is over. I’ve finished my finals a week ago or so. I just got my report today and everything is going well so far. Now I don't feel like doing anything.

I’m going to the beach next week and celebrate Christmas there. It’s been so long since the last time I went there (the last time was when I was 7 years old). I’m afraid I might forget how salty the taste of sea water is, lol. XD Oh, just to let you know that there is no winter in my country. *sigh* It might seem a little strange to go to the beach during the winter.

Ohoy! :D

It's been forever!!! Seriously, I don't remember the last time I posted something in this world. I have been abandoning everything, I haven't even touched photoshop since months ago. X(

Well, the thing is, I'm just lazy to do everything now, even my hobby. I used to love making walls and cards but all I want to do now is sleep a lot and eat. I know there's definitely something wrong with me. ^_^"

So, I started watching Project K today and the show is just great. I’m interested enough to go through a few episodes to see where the story goes. And... the talking trash cans in the show are amazingly hilarious. XD

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Pointless post, just to let you know that I'm alive.

I'm Back

Wow, I haven't posted here in a long ass time.

Just got back from a vacation with my family to Hong Kong and several other countries. I had a great time and lots of fun going abroad. I'm so happy that I had a chance to saw different cultures, languages, foods, and beautiful places. X3

So, this was my first time to went to Disneyland and for the experience, I paid the HK$350 ticket to see for myself. I must say, the rides are very few and pretty lame. It was too hot and the lines were too long. I was tired, the lower part of my body hurt and I was hungry and thirsty all at the same time... But, somehow I enjoyed it.

I've been feeling pretty good lately, but for some reason I've been unbelievably lazy and unmotivated. All I want to do is eat and sleep.
As for what I did today, I did nothing other than eat, sleep, and breathe..,
....oh, I watched TV too.

Oh dear holiday, please last longer so I can enjoy my life more. I'm not ready for school.
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