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“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” Ryunosuke Satoro

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@LL @b0ut Angel Zakuro

Heyo all! Sorry for not posting in here as much as I said I would ^^
Anyways, today's featured Otaku is Angel Zakuro, or Kelsey! And while I was going to do a feature about her, Aishia (who no longer is on theO) recommended her =D

She did write a piece about Kelsey that I'd like to include:

I've known Kelsey since gosh late 2008 and I remember how much she use to down her art alot like every time she submitted something she would find a bunch of negatives in her artwork and even herself...thinking back from back then to now she's really have improve alot as an artist and as a person and continue growing each day which is amazing to see. :) She's strong, dedicated, friendly, sweet, and amazing and more. XD

She's contributed to improving the quality of graphics of this site for a long time. And if it wasn't for her I probably wouldn't create the graphics I create today. She's truly an inspiration and have taught me so much. :D

She enjoy helping others when she can and have always given out great feedback when she's able to. lol She's a very loyal friend. I can type all day about her really. XD She definitely deserve the title Otaku Angel. :) A very supportive friend and member of this site. :)

She have contributed so much to this site for many years and I feel she definitely deserve a mention. :)

I have known Kelsey for not as long as Aishia, but I have to agree! She is a friendly, sweet, talented, caring and awesome person on theO and really is one of those highlighted members that make theO, theO! She has been an inspiration to me, especially in regards to her stunning graphics! ^O^

Now, some of her masterpieces!
1. One of my favourite iwallies-the edits are perfect<3 Titled learning warmth.

2. Sunflowers make everything seem brighter! I love this piece of work-simple yet beautiful! Titled something like a sunflower.

3. Haha to choose just one ecard was like choosing what your favourite part of a rainbow is! Kelsey is a master ecard(ist), but I managed to choose one that I particularly like :) Titled concrete angel.

And my personal favourite (I always get inspiration from it xD) titled: look around.

So if you haven't yet subbed to this talented artist, please take a minute to do so! =D

@LL @b0ut Lileeboo

Heyo all~ Today's feature is Lileeboo, who was recommended by Judai~

I don't know Lileeboo personally, but to Judai, she is a good friend and amazing (& inspirational) artist to her and many others. Based on her works and what she writes in her worlds, she seems like a very nice person and fellow Otaku! So please take a moment to sub to her ^O^

Lileeboo specializes in making wallpapers & fan art, but also does ecards, iwallies and comics too! :D She is a very multi-talented artist who deserves more recognition!

Now to feature some of her highlighted works!
1. A cute iwallie of Horo (from Spice and Wolf), also titled Horo~!

2. A favourite for Judai, as well as me-titled Spirit wolf

3. A cute fan art about her OC's! Titled Rose Vine trap

And my personal favourite (because it's so adorable! >O<) titled, Piplup

So take a second to show some Otaku love to this fellow artist ^O^

@LL @b0ut Kami-chan.x3

First off, thank you to those who read/comment in this world! It's much appreciated! ^O^ Also, thank you to those who requested Otaku's to be featured in this world, I got quite a few so I'll be doing them in the order that I recieved them! Thank you :D

Heyo~! Today's featured Otaku is none other than Kami-chan.x3 or quite simply, Kami!<3 who was requested by SweeTea!

Oh my. Where do I even begin? As many of your know Kami is well-known around this website for her amazing graphics (check out her ICONS), wallpapers and ecards. *O* Not to mention she created a super helpful world where she, and many other talented artists assist those having trouble using photoshop. Check it out: [PHOTOSHOP-ER] Unite

And on top of all that, she's a super caring, funny, kind and adorable friend to everyone here on theO! ~^O^~

Onto featuring some of her lovely works:
1. A really interesting and vivid ecard! I love the image and the text<3 Titled: O LORD. DRAGONS!

2. Another amazing ecard and one of my personal favourites ^^ Titled: [MURCI] The typo is really stunning! :) I could go on with her ecards lol

3. A different take on an iwallie that I've never seen before! Love the idea xD Titled: [CLOCK ZERO]

And my personal favourite: [Glad You Came.] ...and now I have that song stuck in my head XD

Also, if you know an Otaku who has talent and deserves more recognition, please send me a PM to post them in my world!