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Hi everyone!~ Almost Christmas here![well,actually,is tomorrow!^_^']
This is my wallpaper for the Sephine's challenge:"the hardest wallpaper I ever made..."
I REALLY did my best in this!^_^ And I don't believe I finished it!XD So,I'll be very much happy if you comment this wallpaper,because I took many time and days for do it!XP
Oh!But,you're not required to comment if you're busy!O_O

Well,I was thinking about anime images to use and I decided for "Aishiteruze Baby",because is the manga that I was reading and I LOVE SO MUCH it!~
While I read I made this wallpaper!^_^ Yesterday I finished to read all the volumes!XD [I almost cried in the end...TT^TT]
Anyway,is a wonderful serie!Super cute and sweet!I recommend this manga!~ ^_^

I don't found many big images in internet,so amost all the images from e-shuushuu and just one from zero-chan!O.O So,I decided to make a "Album of Memories"!^_^ With several little cute images!~
Forgive me,I don't found Kokoro's images good quality for the wallpaper...TT^TT I like so much her!~ Sorry Kokoro-chan!~ [she only appears in main image...U_U']
Sure,I LOVE Kippei-kun and Yuzuyu-chan!They're my favorites characters!^_^ So cute!~

Summarizing,I used 14 images,6 glow/bokeh textures,many tiny text brushes,5 colorful/gradient textures,rainbow background[made by me] and add the text!XD Wow!Speaking in this way appears to have been easy,but I spend 6 days for do everthings and effects!O_O
I know that many people are better than me,doing a super wallpaper[I really admire these people] and I'm not very fast...But I did my best!=^_^=
Sorry Sephine because of other challenges and another things,I only had time to make this wallpaper this week!~ Sorry....T_T

*~ Summary of the Hana-chan's week: ~* Yup!
12/19-> I did the rainbow background!=^_^= With colorful bars and some white bars!^_^ I love these colors!*_* And I extract the main image[I took so long time for it...What a shame...]
12/20-> This day was soooo fun!^_^ I colored two scans black and white!~ So cool!What you think of them?O w O I hope I did a good work with the colors!^_^ [My hands and arms were aching...TT^TT]
12/21-> I extract some little images and I started to put another scans for widescreen version and add the textures!^_^
12/22-> I realized that cutting the Widescreen version,the standard version would look terrible!XP So,I started to arrange the images again for standard...I reduced the pictures in 90%,80% and 70%!~
12/23-> After all the effects and textures,I download the brushes and add it in the wallpapers[Widescreen and Standard]!
12/24-> I put all the brushes and colorful/gradient layers!^_^ [Oh!The deadline is today!O_O]

Time:6 days
Program:Adobe Photoshop CS5

I think don't forgot anything...^_^'[I hope]
Sorry I'm writing sooo many things...Please,forgive me...

Dedication for Sephine!^_^ You're always so kind and is an adorable person!~ Thanks so much for be my friend!*hugs*
Your challenge was a little hard for me,but was also very fun!^ w ^

*~ Special Credits: ~*

*-Artist: Yoko Maki
-Image from:zerochan and e-shuushuu[1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 and 13]

-pendlestock,2 textures by regularjane,iNeedChemicalX,EViL-KiTTie-stock and stealingmypainaway

-Foxxie-Chan,chokingonstatic,SereneBrushes,peculiar-treasure,twistedswanton and 2 brushes packs by magdalena-stock[1 and 2]

I hope you like my wallpaper!~
And again,view Widescreen version,please!~ [I prefer this one!Because,the images are larger!XD LOL!~]
Thanks for view and for all the wonderful comments,Faves and Hugs!^-^
Merry Christmas for everyone!^_^ *hugs*

Ja ne!~

Aishiteruze Baby Wallpapers
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the hardest wallpaper I ever made...

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