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go west or die
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Since tomorrow's (July 12) my birthday, I decided to give a gift to myself by making a VERY detailed wallpaper of my all-time favorite manga, Saiyuki. (I'm not sure if that's really detailed but making it took me almost 10 hours up! with almost 98 layers!!!)

After my tragic taekwondo match (resulting in having a broken left leg), it was last June 14, its my first time of celebrating my birthday here in the hospital.

Even I'm in the hospital, I'm still active in doing school activities (so my failing grades won't get worse)... Good thing I have my uncle's Wi-Fi laptop so I'm not really that bored. I heard I'll be back home by 20/21. (finally!)

I took the chance yesterday (since I have no assignments) to make another wallpaper. Its from another abduzeedo tutorial, but still it took hours to make. I put my researching skills to the test in finding textures and most especially brushes. My current PS is actually Photoshop 7.0 (embarrassing...) so my works are made from that and of course, finding a brush is totally a pain in the ass.

The main pic is from a Salty Dog art book (forgot where I found it) while the textures and brushes are from DeviantArt. Sorry if I can't credit (especially for the brushes) since I downloaded a lot but only a few are compatible with PS 7.

Sorry if the standard sucks, its really designed for widescreen.

Dedicated for Mysticmom2. Hope you all like it.

Original dimension is 2560 x 1440, available here.

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