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Wee!!!!! I FINALLY FINISHED. ♥ This took forever! Took about 2 weeks of work. This was the hardest vector I ever did~~ Well, hardest wallpaper overall! It was what I've been posting about a lot in my posts on MyO...showing my progress. Went from a black and white manga scan to this. :3 For more detailed info about how I made it, CLICK HERE.

Original scan: here

Finished vector: here

Progress/changes: here

Yeah, I'm too lazy to post all that description again. XD Let's just say this took a while, and I like it. Thank you, Oli-chan, for making the wobbly fence. :3 The rest was brushwork and vectoring with the pen tool. Snowy winter in summery August (at least where I live!)! It's been too hot here, so I needed to make something cold. XD Enjoy~ [Oh, and Gi-chan, I dedicate this to you because you helped me out a lot with the colors!]

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fence, purple, ritsuka, snow, vector, winter
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