Kazumi Chi Imagination always right(:

Imagination always right

This is my first challange here!Hope you like it!
Imagination is always right here means anything that imaginated by you is yours and does not belong to anyone so it's your choice what to do.Your opinion is not same as others and it will produce imagination.Hope you understand what I want to tell.So now, what I want is you have to sketch or draw what is on your mind .YOu can use computer or draw it by yourself .You can also 'steal' pictures from google and edit it to be more beautiful.It 's up to you (: So in this challenge you MUST express how you feel!Like if your happy then make a wallpaper that shows that, if your sad then make a wallpaper that makes you feel that way.I want you to not just make the wallpaper expressing yourself but maybe even make the person looking at it feel the same way as you do!

The rule is easy(:
*Unlimited entries
*Doesn't have to be dedicated to me, but it would sure be nice if you did!
*Give credit where credit is due.
*Needs to have a description

#Winner will get medals(:

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Come let me love you... ~Hifsa
Trapped ~Snowzi
Teenage World ~aurora witch
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