Quiz Results Quiet Noise

Who Is YourTsubasa Date?

Fai!!! â¥â¥â¥ Ther is no one better

Who Is Your Hellsing Guy?

Alucard ⥠Jackpot!

What Kaleido Star Girl Are You?

Sora...she is okay I guess

What Naruto Character Are You?

Kakashi!! he rocks!!

Who Is Your Naruto Fighting Partner?

Gaara !! the kid sure know how to kill...

What Akatsuki Member Are You?

Konan, she rocks ^____^

Which Phoenix Wright Character Are You?

^_____^ Great!! Luv him!!

What Ace Attorney Character Are You?

well this is an interesting result ^___^ Nice!

What Chevalier Are You?


What Element Fits You Best?

Nice ^___^

What Doll Are You?

Suigin Tou rocks!

Which Mew Mew Are You Most Like?

this was fun, I liked it ^___^

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