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    First question: Where would your ideal guy likely be found? (Before you met him!)

    In the shadows somewhere, or walking the city streets at midnight. Who knows, he's very mysterious.
    In an apartment, partying, drinking, generally having a good time. Or hanging out with the guys. He also likes to visit the shooting range. Could be at a strip club...
    He's usually tagging around with his friends, causing mischief, being the comic relief.
    He's out protecting his friends, so he goes to a lot of places. But when he's alone, I think he goes to the library..
    He's at work most of the time, actually..

    How would you meet each other?

    Well, I tripped over my own feet and fell, but he helped me up! He was a real gentleman.
    I was jumped by a group of thugs one night, and though I can take care of myself, they were too much.. He just appeared out of nowhere and saved me, sending them running for their life.
    We met at a party. He just openly hit on me, but he was really fun to talk to.
    I ran into his group of friends. He stood there towards the back, looking aloof.. but he seemed really interesting somehow. I tried talking to him, but he didn't say much. But he did wave the next time we met.
    He walked up and stared at me. It was awkward.. but he finally said hello, and told me he thought I was pretty.

    Pick some things that describe his personality:

    (choose at least 1 and at most 2 answers)
    Heart of gold

    What does he look like?

    Small, blond, and adorable! (Plus he has kitty ears!) I just want to hug him!
    Tall, dark and handsome. Jet black hair and crimson eyes.. So intense..
    Long brown hair wrapped up in a messy braid. He's also got that handsome, lady-killer grin.
    Black hair, and serious blue eyes. He always has such a cool look and attitude.
    He's very tall and strong, blond hair hidden behind a cap. There's a nice body covered up under that coat, I'm sure of it..

    Could your guy be any one of these..?

    Butler, at your command. *bring me some tea then give me a massage k thx*
    Cat boy! Curious and huggable, nyo!
    Vampire.. secretive creature of the night.
    Mercenary. A rough soldier of fortune.
    Werewolf.. wild heart, hard to capture.

    Where would he take you on a date?

    First to a casual restaurant, then to a hot club. Maybe even the best spot to watch the sunrise. *He's a romantic at heart*
    Maybe a dark, noble Masquerade, where we'd dress in elegant costume. He might even buy me a dozen blood red roses.
    Wherever I'd want to go, and he'd pay for it all. *Well, he insisted.*
    To the movies, then to his friend's place to show me off. *He's proud at least.*
    To the park on a pretty afternoon. I'd try and get him to open up to me, but he'd be content hear my opinions and problems..*He's a good listener.*

    Is he a good or bad guy?

    He's on the good side.
    Bad all the way! ^_~
    Eh...he's kinda in between..

    How vulnerable is he to death? (Since this is still a Hellsing quiz..)

    Same as every other human. He's a really good soldier but he's not invincible.
    It's VERY hard to kill him off. He's been shot in the head and in the mouth with a freaky huge gun... but he reappeared minutes later, grinning. *How on earth..?*
    I don't think you can kill him. I think he's truly invincible.
    Well, I don't know.. he's very strong, and he has a lot of forms. But he does have his weaknesses.
    He's not a monster, so.. it's possible. But unlikely, he is a great fighter after all.

    Let's say you had a really horrible day.. things are just the pits. How would he make you feel better?

    He'd take me out to dinner, to get my mind off everything. He might even play his guitar, and he wouldn't sing any of his usual dirty songs..
    He might throw me a bouquet of my favorite flowers and cook my favorite food. Or cover me with kisses, that would work too!
    He'd laugh at me for being so emotional. But he'd offer to wipe out all my enemies!
    He'd hug me and listen to my rants. He'd also take out anyone who caused me grief.
    He'd pull some nasty prank on the person who hurt me that day. Then he'd hug me 'till I turned blue, giving me some expensive looking necklace. *Where did he get it, anyway?*

    Lastly, not to embarrass anyone, but what kind of kisser is he? ;3

    Aggressive and hungry. He's really uh...skilled..^^;
    Softly confident. It depends on his mood really..
    Deep and loving, *pretty hot too.*
    He covers me with chaste kisses, on the cheek, forehead.. he's very affectionate.
    Very quick and hesitant. Sometimes rough. He's just a little shy..

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