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    What kind of clothes do you usually wear?

    Comfortable and suitable for exercise. As long as I can exercise comfortably, nothing else matters.
    Dresses and pieces with long sleeves.
    Gothic attire.
    Bright colors.
    Long coats and normal clothes underneath.
    Just normal clothes.

    We all are more or less guilty of at least one of the deadly seven sins. Which one is yours?


    And we all have, more or less, some amount of at least one of the seven virtues. Which one is yours?

    Chastity ( purity, the opposite of lust. )
    Abstinence ( self-control, the opposite of gluttony. )
    Liberality ( generosity, the opposite of greed. )
    Diligence ( the opposite of sloth. )
    Patience ( peace, the opposite of wrath. )
    Kindness ( the opposite of envy. )
    Humility ( modesty, the opposite of pride. )

    When you are around other people...

    You tend to be shy.
    You are just quiet.
    You are hyper.
    You are loud and flamboyant.
    You tend to be aggressive.
    You simply don't care.
    You are cold.
    You are normal, but have some slight anger issues.

    Some nasty bullies are picking up on one of your good friends. What are you going to do?

    Pummel them to oblivion.
    Try to talk them into leaving my friend alone first. If that fails, I will stand up for him and fight.
    Scream at them to leave him alone and rush forward into a fight.
    ...Let them bully him.
    Kill them.
    Give a speech about the power of friendship and then make them eat my dust.
    Instantly plan and execute the perfect plan of action. Of course, victory is mine.

    We all have our crazy moments. If you were to choose a personality disorder that suits you, what would it be?

    Paranoid ( Distrust of others and constant suspicion that people around you have sinister motives. )
    Narcissistic ( self-centeredness. )
    Antisocial ( lack of conscience and criminal behavior. )
    Histrionic ( Constant attention seeker. )
    Avoidant ( extreme social anxiety. )
    Dependent ( need to be taken care of. )
    Attention deficiency disorder.
    Schizotypal ( mild schizophrenia; odd forms of thinking and perceiving and seeking of isolation. )
    Borderline ( mood instability and poor self-image; has bouts of anger and tends to hurt self. )
    Disorders? What disorders?! Are you suggesting that I am crazy? Come back here! I'll kill you!

    Your worst fear is...

    Old age.
    Your death.
    The death of your best friend or someone close to you.
    Fear is stupidity.
    To never be acknowledged and loved.
    To be rejected by your love interest.
    To lose to someone else.

    You go to a restaurant. There, you...

    Order some alcohol and get drunk.
    Eat like there is no tomorrow.
    Order a diet meal.
    Stare coldly at the waitress and place your order with an icy voice.
    Sit in a corner and avoid crowds.
    Read a book while waiting for your food to come.
    Lick your lips. You hope they serve raw cuisine here.
    Make a bet with yourself about eating the big special menu in less than ten seconds and dig in.

    Choose 1 to 3 words that describe you.

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)

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