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Gifts TheDarkEclipse: Haps 2 ya PolarStuffings: Happy New Year! ^0^ TheDarkEclipse: I know its not a bear, but get better thatguyroddish: we need to hang out lanaaaaaaaaaa toyotami kun: MeRrY chRiStmAs and HaPpY nEw YeAr! Artgrrl: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! TheDarkEclipse: Throw this instead of a fist, lol.  SUFY toyotami kun: Happy thanks giving to you too! : ) Blue Latte: Happy Halloweeeennn!! <3 KairiJun: Happy Halloweeeen >o<. Valerie014: Congratulations on the promotion! ^^ HotRamen2Go009: Congrats on the promotion :D Sakura Tachibana: Congrats on your promotion! kita mikichi: Congrats on Your Promotion! KairiJun: Spamming with love is the best =w=. KairiJun: Cherries are awesome as well ;3 KairiJun: I almost have no gifts left =w=. KairiJun: I'm making actual gifts :3 KairiJun: I love youuuuuuu ;a; KairiJun: To my very lovely Pengu Vosh: Good luck with your art & everything! XD : Thanks for the subscribe. :) KairiJun: It's the result of your influence 'v'. KairiJun: WHAT IS IT PENGUUU. KairiJun: RIVApie KairiJun: Attack on bacteria. KairiJun: Wall Rose. KairiJun: Attack on fangirls. Shingeki no Pengu. KairiJun: And I mean more ;3 KairiJun: You need mooore strawlevies. KairiJun: And Rivaille Heichou...=w= :3 : And Rivaiile Heichou....=w= ;3 KairiJun: I'm spamming you with love.... KairiJun: For my very dear Yuemi >w< :3 KairiJun: Surprise inside...heheh... KairiJun: Strawwwleviiii heichouuuuu <3. KairiJun: For perfect cleaning ;3 Kurihara Akane: Thank you for the subscribe :3 Sarasface: It worked! Thanks for your help! NamiSu: your the best friend ever... no doubts! xAsukachanx: Thanx for the sub Pingu~chan (>^-^)> thatguyroddish: to your amazing banana peeling skills lo : Congrats on the promotion. :D TheDarkEclipse: Congradulations on the promo PolarStuffings: for being such a sweet little cupcake TheDarkEclipse: Don't Know Why superstarpanou: Thanks for the sub~! A cookie for you~ LGA775: Aww thank you so much for subbing back Blue Latte: Thank you! A box of pocky ;D
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