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Ya know, I consider myself a very nice person and will make things easy on ya'll for challenges, well.....NOT TODAY!! This is gonna be a hard challenge yet one that is hopefully FUN!!

I want you guys to do the impossible(well impossible to me) I want you to draw with your OPPOSITE HAND! Meaning, if you are right handed use your left hand and vice versa.
But here is also a twist to it, you have some options as to what you can do:

1- Draw with your non dominate hand
2-Draw with a mouse if you use a tablet pen
3-Draw with a mouse with your non dominate hand
*or anything else you can think of, just ask me~

I want this to be challenging yet kinda fun and something thats really different from what most artists are use to. Now, if you can use both hands, well then you're just set in life and I dont know why a person like that would enter(but they are welcome too).
I just wanna see all the artists get on the same level and just find how amusing it is that not a lot of people can draw with the opposite hand

Now the focus point in the drawing can be anything you want it to be, there is no set thing you have to draw.

-Follow theO rules
-MUST be done with the opposite hand or tool in drawing
-Digital and traditional are both welcome
-Color isnt needed
-full piece must all be done with the opposite hand(No coloring or shading with dominate tool or hand)
-Do not have to dedicate it to me
-Have fun~

* I will be judging by how DIFFERENT it looks from your original style, If I feel like you cheated I will dismiss your entry from the challenge and any other you submit.*

Everyone is more than welcome to join, if invited you do not have to participate.

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Doing the Impossible ~Artgrrl
Doing the impossible. (ft. my TT) ~
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