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SuperAnimegirl33: I'll always be here *hugs* ^^ ashio: Missing you exponentially :P xx omnia1: And I can't wait to talk to u again <3 x omnia1: Always thinking of u while we're apart x omnia1: I can't wait to see u, Not long now Love SuperAnimegirl33: Love and miss you lots! ^^ omnia1: I miss you lots baby <3 come bk soon x x Hanako Sho: Thank you  ^_^/ IyamiNaHamusutaa: Happy B-Day, Hope ya had a good one! Jessicaanimelover: Happy Bday ⥠Aria Sky: Thank you so much! :D omnia1: You are my world. I wish I could help :( FallenAngel 01: Happy Birthday my friend! omnia1: Happy Birthday Love <3 <3 Arctic Summer: Happy Birthday!!!! :D morningmusicheart: Happy Birthday W!!! xaos: Happy birthday bro! ashio: And a little present too ^^ x hackerblackrose: Happy Birthday :) Dragon Anime: Happy Birthday! :3 Yorie: Happy Birthday ^__^ mangaka16: Happy B'Day!! May God bless you! ^w^ SuperAnimegirl33: Here's a flower of friendship ^^ <3 omnia1: Together forever through thick and thin CelestialSushi: Thanks for the sub! Have a pocky :3 : I'm sorry...I'm really, really sorry..): : Aw, thanks for being a cool friend too!! SuperAnimegirl33: Your the nicest guy ever!!! ^_^ Thanks! catsworld: Thanks for the sub too~ XD Morbid Dollie: Thanks for the gift! ;3 Digilover: Thank u for all the support and comments PinkPuffly99: thanks for the sub!!!:) omnia1: Thanx hunni... I appreciate it x x omnia1: I care for you. Always will be here ^_^ TheDarkAngel: Happy Valentine's Day~!! snow fox: May this day be sweet! mangaluv: THANK YOU! : Thanks for the gift! XD : Thanks for the gift! XD : Thanks for the gift! XD Hanaro Souhi: Thanks for your gift!~ ^ w ^ ChiharuKazane: No thanks nessesary! maya1929: UR WELCOME, kita mikichi: Congrats on Otaku Eternal! AAKreations: Happy Late Bday! hanawa: Hey it's been a while, so what's up? =) MashMadness: Merry Christmas! 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