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What Element Fits You Best?

thats how i am now..

What Wolf's Rain Character Are You?

toboe is so cute.^^

Who Is Your Host Type?

0.0 i think im going to cry. not in a bad way either

What Host Are You?

well, i am a girl...

Who Is Your Ouran Host Date?

0-0 i was talking to a friend on who would be our pefect Host date and she said this. i really do love the funny sweet guys!^^

What Just A Bit of Magic Character Are You?

im always a dreamer.^^

Which Warrior Clan Would You Be In?


What Kirby Hat Do You Wear?

XD that hat is really cool.^^

Which Song Would You Sing If You Were A Death Note Character?

XD yay L!!

What Element Fits You Best?

quite true.

the guy is ugly but the discrition is right.

What Doll Are You?

im not that good at gardening but it can be fun.

What Legendary Pokemon Are You?


What Sailor Star Are You?


Which Geass Do You Have?

awww, i hate this dude! >-<

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