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Rock Band: Something Impossible
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FINALLY! Here it is! I'm finally going to start this comic! xD Natisaku and King-sama both made cover designs, but I decided to go with King-sama's design and used Natisaku's captions. The cover's supposed to look like a magazine cover, with "Rock Band" being the name of the magazine and "Something Impossible" as the name of the band on the cover. (ie: the main characters)

Plot Summary:
Four young musicians-Michka, Zack, Loyal, and Dare-form a band, each hoping to have their individual dreams accomplished. Throughout their adventures in the music industry, they form a friendship that's hard to break. 8D (blah blah blah, corny text, corny text...)
(I need a different summary... If anyone can come up with a better one, PM it to me. xD;;)

Rating: Ages 13+ for possible mild language, suggestive themes, crude humor, and lyrics.

This comic is read from left to right.


Story and Art by Moonlit Dream
Lyrics by Paulini
Cover design by King-sama, cover captions by Natisaku, cover drawing by Moonlit Dream

*This comic is based off of the video game Rock Band 2 for the wii/xbox 360. Most character and clothing designs are based off of graphics from the game. Designs have however been slightly changed to my drawing style.*

Please enjoy! ^^

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