FUNimation (Fan Comic Portfolio) Lee using Wii Fit (Contest Entry)

OMFG!!!! FINALLY!!! I'M DONE!!! *passes out*
This is my last contest entry after joining 12 contests, MAN I'M CRAZY

If you go to my "Artist Corner" WORLD, you'll see the result of a sanity quiz that I took(forgot who made it, but whoever did, quiz credits to them).

my result was sanity: Missing

:D one of the most accurate results I've ever gotten!

anyways, entry for harvestmoonluvr's contest.
:D I hope you like it Den-chan!

oh btw, it gets like, really random at the end...
it didn't turn out as funny as I though it would, so I added random Naruto character chibis...yea....

hugs,favs,and comments are greatly appreciated. :D
Rei(C) me, sabishiidesu13/FUNimation(theOtaku)
Naruto(C) Masashi Kishimoto
Wii Fit(C) Nintendo

EDIT: oh btw, THIS IS A JOKE! I'm not making fun of Lee, why would i? :P he's awesome. but yea, NO FLAMING FANGIRLS! XD you're supposed to laugh. :)

ANNDDD!!! High res needs a hug! D: hurry before it goes Emo!!!!

Naruto Fan Comics
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