toyotami kun (Fan Art Portfolio) Long Time No See...

Long Time No See...
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CLick here if you would like to see the process post. XD

♪♪♪"Long Time No See, Long Time No See..."♪♪♪

lol Beginning of "Doom Dada" XD Which makes sense, since it's been a very long time since I've done a full out color drawing in marker. XD
I started this a couple of weeks ago but had to stop because my hand started to hurt and still does but I wanted to finish this so I could enter the color pop challenge.

It's been a while since I've drawn Raimundo properly too so I decided to draw him in a jacket I designed for him last October. I really like how this turned out even though I have to admit I was nervous about working with marker. I also messed up but I was able to fix it. ^^
Hopefully I'll be doing some more marker works soon, or when my hand recovers. oTL

Done with Crayola Markers,copics,white ink, and gel pens.

Pokemon Fan Art
gijinka, pokemon, raichu, raimundo, toyotami
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