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White team gijinka
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(stupid title is stupid =_= don't wanna think about it <.<)
time for you to meet my gijinka team from pokemon white XD

in order from top left to right

Adler the Braviary
Sassy nature, has a sturdy body
well, that's my pretty eagle XD XD he's always smiling and happy, even if others tell him to dress more XD

Lord Chant the Chandelure
Gentle nature, alert to sounds
weird guy.. always dressed elegant, being gentle and all... too bad no one remebers he's still a ghost.. so he can play pranks on everyone and never be suspected XD

Seth the Absol
Calm nature, alert to sounds
may seem like a reserved person, but he's exactly the opposite XD he's the only one who can make everyone feel at home :) (that's not a shirt, the black/grey parts are his shoulders, he has black colored arms)

Zkresleni the Haxorus (bear with my strange names! XD I like them <w<)
Brave Nature, proud of his power
lost sight in his right eye due to a hard fight with another Haxorus. like it appears in his hair, his right "axe" is also cut down to half. silent and reserved, loves to fight and he only shows smiles when Seth is nearby :)

Ishida the Serperior
Naive nature, somewhat stubborn
first one of the team (obviously), he recruited all the others. he can put up a tantrum even for the silliest thing, and due to both being naive and stubborn, he always puts himself in weird situation (for example, dressing up as a bunny girl while being drunk and hugging everyone)

Franz the Cobalion
Brave Nature, proud of his power
the most fierce of the team. respects Ishida, and is ready to fight anyone who tries to hurt him. his twin swords are always sharp and ready to cut down enemies. he has a scar on his left cheek, due to a fight. only with his stare he can put everyone to silence, and is very feared. he thinks poor Adler is an idiot, and never stops to scare him.

hhahah XD XD I'm so crazy, to think up a story for every character in my team huh? oh well XD
enjoy!! ^^

Pokemon Fan Art
absol, braviary, chandelure, cobalion, Gijinka, haxorus, pokemon, serperior
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