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Hi, Girly-Girls!
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Picture. It's been a while since I did a marker picture. I felt like coloring with markers. :D

These are my characters Jo (left) and Kasey (right) from my comic Of Fruits and Vegetables (which I should probably update...!). Jo's real name is Janet. These two characters are make-up artists. 8D
I think this is the first picture I've upload to my portfolio where Kasey's entire body is showing. :o

...I kind of gave up on making Kasey hispanic. "orz If you somehow remember from waaaay long ago, I once said that Kasey was supposed to be Spanish. (Actually, I've found that people from Spain have pretty fair skin. xD) BUT I'M TERRIBLE WITH SKIN TONE, SO...
Also, Kasey's yellow eye color is kind of creepy. AND THE SAME EYECOLOR AS JAMAL'S! WHAT IS THIS. I just noticed that. D:
Kasey, I'm officially chaing your eye color. But brown is too boring... Maybe I'll make them blue. But a lot of my characters already have blue eyes. :I

Jo's outfit reminds me a little bit of Speed Racer. Probably because of the colors of her jacket...

Anyways, I'm entering this in the Traditional challenge. :)
I used Staedtler inking pens and Prismacolor markers for this picture, plus a Crayola colored pencil for Jo's lipstick.
I dislike coloring Jo's lipstick. :I

Dedicated to HanakoAnimeaddict for making the challenge! :)

By the way, the title comes from something my art teacher says... When the class is leaving, she says to groups of girls "bye, girlie-girls!" and to groups of boys "bye, manly-men!" xD

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