Katana (Fan Art Portfolio) 2011 Summary of Art

2011 Summary of Art
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COMMENCE HUGE DESCRIPTION! For...the third time!

This year actually gave me a surprise: I wrote a lot. And by that, I mean writing took up not only a fair amount of my time, but also my DA gallery space.

- January - Zem Boys
There were some good things that month, but my favorites were of writing. So I went with this. Coincidentally, these guys' compatriot Senka was up here last January. Speaks miles of my creativity.

- February - Snowsploring
There's just something really simple that I like about this piece. I still enjoy it ten months later.

- March - Dollar Fifty-Two (Schoolwork, Illustration)
First and so far only shot at making a comic for school. And I enjoyed it. Oh so much.

- April - But I Get Up Again (Schoolwork, Illustration)
I had a big thing for fish last year. Also, I haven't really topped a painting since this one. I have issues.

- May - Hop, Skip, Jump
What I remember about this was being so damn happy to be done with my year of overload that I spewed this out in joy. Lineless coloring was something Kuro was telling me to do, so I tired it out on this one. Bags o' fun.

- June - Easy to Believe
I liked this month. June was a good month. Lots of good stuff from this month. I just sorta picked one, and it turned out to be one that was part of my Prismacolor marker redemption.

- July - Air Strike
How long did I wait to plays Tales of the Abyss? Waaaay too long. Blame my lack of a PS2, lack of game, and then lack of working controller. And then I got to play as Guy, which pretty much made up for the wait.

- August - Nice Hat
Slim pickings (why is it always that way in August?), so I went with another marker piece. It was an experiment in colors, so it works.

- September - A Tribute: Arthur Darvill (Schoolwork, Intermediate Drawing)
Forgot about much I enjoyed doing portraits. And I got to draw something I like...win-win.

- October - Embrace It (Schoolwork, Illustration)
Y'know, I still have mixed feelings on this piece. Visually it turned out fine, so I guess I can't complain too much.

- November - The Fallback (Schoolwork, Illustration)
It's really sad to put so much work into something and not get a grade to match it. Oh well.

- December - Christmas From Tatters
This was just a lot of jolly good fun. I'm starting to really dig the lineless style.

Here's to 2012!

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