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well i'm going to enter Zebra in a contest, HIS first contest ever!!!! XD
i had this sketch of Zebra for a while and finally decided to do something with it!!! XD and now the typing to begin!!! XD


Zebra would be in a story called "Unrivaled Paradise"

the story would be about a secret organiztion called Paradise. Paradise creates super genetic human experiments for profit and illegal purposes, but something goes wrong and some of their experimanets, the more stable ones escape.
Zebra is one of them, the only thing is he cannot remeber. when he starts to get attacked by agents from Paradise he discover who he really is and along side other escaped experiments, decide to take down Paradise.


NAME: Zebra (23BR9)<--- his Paradise Code
Age: 17
gender: male

He is 17 years old, but he has had amnisa for 7 years of his life. He is noramlly a very laid back goofy guy who gets tops grades in Math and Science, but not so good in english.
he enjoys spending his time creating things but they normally don't work. his only working invention is his robot pet that he calles "ZEB".
he also likes spending a lot of time his is Best Friend Panda, who he normally like to tease until she get annoyed.
he also sometimes like to hack into computers only to learn more about stuff but he normally doesn't do that much because he's not so good at it.

~he suffers from repressed memories that he has from Paradise, he can't quite remeber what they are, but they make him really doubt the person he is now.
he tries his best not to let the repressed memories change the person he is now.
as he learns more about himself through the repressed memmories and attacks from Paradise Agents, he discovers he has the abilty to hack, create, and repair mechanical things, but it only happens sometimes until he can figure out how to fully awaken his abilities.

Likes: his favorite colors are Black and White, he loves to creating things although they don't always work, he likes helping people, he loves animals esspeacilly Zebra, he has an obvious crush on his best friend Panda who disregaurds it though she might like him back.

Dislikes: doesn't really like sweets, hates his repressed memories, Paradise, his real purpose, hurting people, and being rejected by his friends and adopted family.

Goal: destoring Paradise, helping people, and finding peace within his self.


I originally designed him from a vocaloid (KAITO!!! XD) , but he's NOTone, and i named him after my favorite NicoNico Douga singer named Zebra, he sings the duet rap of Just be Friends.
also my Zebra's hair is black with White strips, which is another reason he was named Zebra! Xd
ONEMORE THING!!! XD when i started to draw him, he was always in chibi form because i could never get a good version of him in normal form, but now i do!!! XD

First drawing of him:

well that took forever to type!!! XD

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