VivaLaParadise The Protagonist.

Ohhh. Sounds like a thriller.
ANYWAY this challenge is pretty simple, It is just to draw the Main character of your story. We all have a original story, and this is also a change to broadcast your characters and build an audience.

-It has to be your own story/manga and your own Original Character
-It can be traditional or digital
-ONLY the main character can be shown. If your story has more than one, then that can be an exception.
-Has to be theO appropriate
-Give us a little synopsis of the story and character
-Have fun :D

ALRIGHT. Lets see who has the best protagonist. This will be judged on effort, and how you profile the character.

If you need an example, then check this out

Good luck! You have three months.
1st Place- Fan art of whatever you want
2nd Place- Fan art of the character you entered
3rd Place- Chibi of the character you entered
*Since there are a good amount of entries, I shall also have 5 honorable mentions, which will get a sketch of the character they entered.

You guys..I had the hardest time deciding who would win. You guys were all awesome, and the people who will receive the honorable mentions and the sketches are:

1)I AM ZEBRA- Toyotami kun
2)The Boy That Gazes at the Stars; The Girl That Stares at the Ground- Ryuchu
3)Ryuhiku Kozawa- byakuyarox1
4)Misuteru- TamaDoodles24
5)Alexis and Donreali- Keya

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Original Anime and Manga
17 entries
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Challenge completed
Girl in Black ~KaidaFaye
OC-Shirokuma Kagami ~fantasyvocaloid
Under the blue sky ~StrawberrySalad
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