krokun (Fan Art Portfolio) Who will he choose?

Who will he choose?
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Hello people! Im pretty stubborn sometimes and I've decided that I wont give up until my pics look decent digitally! XDDDD looool so bear with the crappiness -o-

Ok Ok... here we have a request Iru-chan asked me to do!! ^w^

and I really wonder which of these two girls he'll choose! ^__^'' Lets hope we can see that soon!!!

Ok Ok Iru! Hope you like it and sorry for taking that long XDD'''

PS: Vacation time is over! so FROM NEXT WEEK ON I WONT BE ON THEO ANYMORE...FOR ABOUT 4 MONTHS I GUESS... hugs people

Pokemon Fan Art
art-chan, dark luxray, gijinka, Iru, kiki, kirlia, krokun, love triangle, oc, roselia, roselyn, Xio
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