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Konata, the true otaku
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Finally DONE!! Why I say so? Well because this is probably the longest drawing that I did. Actually the longest drawing was the Flynn and Rapunzel one, but this was the longest taken also in the painting.
And I painted and painted, watching after many details. And at the end, I added the effects and stuff and wanted to make it as original as possible.

You see, I wanted to make a Konata drawing. And the pose for that was that she was in front of a computer holding a computer mouse. So it took me a while do draw all that, but I managed and I am kinda surprised cause I am very bad at hands. xD But this came out decent.^^ And then I wanted to color it. I wanted to bring up all the small details from the window, to the glass and shadows. I know that it isn’t that good, but believe me this is the best thing that I worked so far.
Thanks goes to AlexaClyne for giving me some advices on using the coloring on SAI, and to LucCalar for his advices that he put in his coloring tutorial which helped me to finish this faster and not too take too much of time. :)

And also how could I forget? I also want to thanks Pickle-san for giving me this idea. I wanted to make you something for your birthday and instead of making some funny wallpaper or card (cause you are random and funny like that :D) I went with this, cause I know that you probably like Konata and that you will find this interesting.
I am very sorry for the uber late gift… Again, happy happy happy birthday Pickle-san! :)

This goes for the challenge of our dear otaku member Dev, who made it for her fan comic that she is going to start. I was thinking what to submit and choose that this could be the best one, since it has Konata in it and she could work well as a character for that. :D
Also I will later put the link to the version with no background for that challenge.

Lucky Star Fan Art
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