aragorn1014 (Fan Art Portfolio) Eclipse-Demon Diary

Eclipse-Demon Diary
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For MagicRinger on DA >.< (she was here a lot but she kinda sorta moved but that's okay~ )

And a huge thanks to Igi-chan for all of the help she gave on this!! You are the BEST and I couldn't have made this pic the way it is without you! >.<

I had to do some research on his background/personality and peruse through several pages of the manga to see if he EVER actually smiles xD And it turns out that his affections for Raenef are enough for a smile here and there(they are more like subtle grins but WHATEVER even though he never smiles, I wanted to give him a calm expression xD).

I tried something a bit different with the eyes, so please take a look at them xD
And I swear his hair was the most awkward thing to draw because it's neat bangs in the front and from the drawings it's like a giant stack of pancakes for each layer of yeah that didn't work so well...but still I worked hard on the hair.

And don't ask what happened to the flowers haha. I hope they look alright because I spent like forever and a half on them..

This is a thank you pic for Magi-san for her point donation to me >.< I really really appreciate it and this is just a little show of my gratitude!! Hope you like this and that all of you enjoy!

Eclipse/Demon Diary(c)KARA

Done completely in no. 2 pencil and colors edited in Photoshop Elements 5.0
Texture is from..someone on DA I'm pretty sure, I dug it up from my massive collection of textures so yeah xD
Oh it's by ~bashcorpo on DA haha there you go.

And happy early birthday to you Blysse!~ I hope this is accepting enough for your "freestyle it up!" challenge! >.<

Demon Diary Fan Art
aragorn1014, calm, demon, diary, eclipse, flowers, magicringer
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