Otomi Babii (Fan Art Portfolio) Gaahhh! A New Lupe :3

Gaahhh! A New Lupe :3
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Lookies !
This is the picture... this is the MASTERPIECE !
Coloring was out of proportion though >.<;;;
Isn't she just GORGEOUS?!

Lupe: -blushes- GAH, WHA-WHATEVER NELL!

Me: ^^ and here is her description ONE MORE TIME !

Pokemon: Lopunny

Name: Lupe (pronounced Loo-phay)

Age: 16 (Not really. She like... 66 years old..? xD Blame her background!)

Hair color: Honey Blonde-ish

Hair style: A little messy. Short.

Eye color: Red ( the sclera of her eyes are black )

Skin tone: Tan

Type of Pokemon: Normal

Gender: Female

Height: 5’4 in the boots. 5'3 really.

Weight: 135 lbs (Because of curves and muscles xD)

Held item: She doesn't have anything... yet

Interested In: Both genders (But she is mostly straight)

Relationships: Well, Estelle and Faye are her adoptive sisters ever since they were un-evolved gijinka. She HATES Lux! Well not really... Their personalities clash, that is why they do not get along. Love? Basically new to it! xD She cares alot for Chii. She is not sure if she loves him or not yet. But she always has an eye open to explore her surroundings, if you know what I mean. ;D

Attacks: Every kind of beam basically, Dizzy punch, Protect, Sesmic Toss, and Healing Wish.

Personality: Lupe is a stubborn, hot-headed, confident chick that plays hard ball. Tough and strong, she shows the REAL definition of girl power! Although, she can be very sensitive inside. She can be peaceful at times, also very loud and determined. She snaps easily like a twig. If your on her bad side… you better run for the hills! She goes all like "LUPE SMAAASH!! DDD8<" xD She would go all the way for the members in the club; She knows how it felt like to be alone and unprotected so she swore to herself to FOREVER protect anyone in need.

Hometown: Eterna City in Sinnoh, but she really chilled in the Eterna forest.

Likes: Traning, Trees, Fighting, Flirting, Cooking, Singing ( she has somewhat of a voice), Dancing, Chocolate Yum Yums, Cinnamon Buns, And Chii.

Dislikes: Jerks, Shy people ( she gets impatient with them ), Smart asses, Bounty hunters, and Being alone

Fears: Fearless besides one thing… Death among her friends

Weaknesses: Fighting Pokemon, Boys ( she doesn’t know how to deal with love :3 ), Dark moves

Strengths: Her friends, Normal pokemon, Cooking, Dancing, and Fighting

Battle Style: When Lupe fights, she is like a female kick-boxing Muhammad Ali! Sometimes she knocks out people with one swing of her DIZZY PUNCH. Sometimes she sends them flying like Team Rocket. But yeah, she is more of a close combat person; face to face, ya know? Although, she needs more training because her defense sucks! She will be attending Lee's Dojo.

Family: Estelle (sister), Faye (sister)

Friends: Hoom, Estelle, Faye, Melody... she doesn't have a best friend just as yet. :3

Full Outfit: Brown leather jacket with a red heart patch sown on to it & with creme wrist-fluffs; creme half-bra (;]); brown jeggings that has rips in them (Jeans+Leggings= Jeggings!); Creme, leather combat boots.

Looks: She has a lot of curves! xD She has a cream fluffy rabbit tail on the back of her. She is VERY sexy (for a tomboy).

Background: Lupe isn't your typical badass Gijinka. 50 years ago, everything was all peachy keen until a deadly virus that started from Chople Berries spread rapidly around Sinnoh. Killed over 500 citizens either on the spot or in a matter of years... And thats where Lupe comes into the story! One scientist, name Hideo Watanabe obtain the contagious virus and was on the clock to make a cure. He studied pokemon and animal traits and how they lived. He concluded, "If human.. and pokemon... colide DNA... then maybe diseases would be resistant and life would be eternal." Right away, he conducted an experiment. His goal was to create the ultimate being with human and pokemon Gijinka... then using that, turn himself into one. Several attempts on creating one failed, but he never gave up on his hypothesis.

Many years have passed and so have the scientist Hideo. His eight grandson Hachiro continued his grandfather's mission. Almost his whole family has deceased from this virus, he was determined to find the cure before it kills him too. 3 years later, a buneary girl formed into the tube overnight. Tears filled into Hachiro's eyes as he saw his father's beautiful creation breathing through the massive, orange test tube. Ever since then, he studied, worked, experimented, and evaluated day and night without any sleep. He fell in love with Test Subject 2000563. His personal nurse aka his mother hated her. Because of 2000563, her beloved doctor wouldn't eat the meals she prepared for him or even take vaccination shots. Because of 2000563, Hachiro was killing himself, she thought. One day, the nurse had enough and tried to force Hachiro to stop experimenting. He, of course declined her offer and went back to work. They had a little quarrel, resulting a malfunction in the lab. Test Subject 2000563 awoke from her slumber and destroyed the place. The prototype ran far away from the place, bloodthirsty and ready to kill.

24 hours have passed and she grew hungry and in need of shelter. She stopped in Eterna Forest for a juicy meal. Shuffling through the bushes, there was one berry that caught her eye. An Oran berry. She grabbed it, releasing a net above her. She struggled to get free but she simply couldn't. Team Galactic walked in front of her, observing her every movement of struggle. The leader, Cyrus, digged into his pocket and pulled out a big pack of oran berries and told her if she works for Team Galactic, she will have all the oran berries she wanted. Feeble-minded, she accepts his deal. For the couple of days, she help Team Galactic assassinate plenty pokemon and humans who were involved in stopping them. She was also the one who wiped out Lux and Xio's clan, burning their village into flames.

After some time, Team Galactic decided to let their conquering go to the next level. They decided that they didn't need 2000563 anymore and so they knocked her out with a bolder and abandoned her in the very spot in which they found her. She lost her memories that way... ): She woke up with a lump on her head and blood on her hands. She began to cry because she didn't know who she was, how she got there, and/or if she had a family. A young Eevee name Estelle heard her cry and befriended her. Til that day, she became somewhat of Estelle sister. They traveled the world together, along with another gijinka, Faye the Frosslass, which they found in a Ice cave.

Hope you like her guys♥
Oh & Feedback would be niceeee !

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