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hope u dont mind a simple non - coloured entry
can only do sketches right now ^^'
tried a younger character since i usually dont draw children.....hope she looks 6 and not chibi-ish O_O

the bear i made look evil - to her its sweet - but to everyone else when she's not looking...well :p (the one in the bubble is what its suppose to look like


Age: 6

Gender: Female

Hair color: Silver

Hair Style: long, down to her back

Power/mutation: There still unsure (she was only experimented on a couple of days ago)

They'll fin out her power is to bring inanimate objects to life (the first thing she brings to life is her teddy bear). They even have the power to talk.

Distinguishing Mark: A silver star on her cheek

Personality: very timid and shy, easily spooked. She's always searching for someone to be like a mother to her. (so she'll go up to women and say mama)

History: Her father sold her to the 'doctors' a few weeks after her mother died in an accident

Outfit: A plain simpile white dress, and no shoes

again since i have time on my hands for once - the first person to comment and make a request - i'd try draw for. (again pls note - limit of two characters, and look at my gallery for limits of wat i can and cant draw)

only sketches coz i dont have any colouring tools rite now

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lilly, o.c
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