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Nicholay Paint

Hey! You know what? I haven't drawn Nicholay since I drew those sketches back in March! :O Or was it May? Eh. Whatever. I haven't drawn him for MONTHS.
BUT THEN. I wanted to draw something on paint. So I did. :D And I drew Nicholay. (I still love mahogany line art.)
I think I owe you a character profile. (I doubt that anyone reads these. xD)

Name: Nicholay (Last name suggestions?)
Nicknames: None
Age: 12-13
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 5'3
Special Talent: Magic (Particularly thunder magic)
Hobbies: Playing outside (?)
Likes: His friends (Isaac, Charlotte, Lucia, ect...)
Dislikes: Being weak, being beaten
Personality: Active, bold, eager, cheery, naive
Status: A young boy training to be an exellent mage (Sorcerer)
Love Interest: Lucia
Nicholay is a young mage, who is stronger than most mages older than him. His Master is a world-renowned sorcerer who works under the king (Charlotte's Dad). Nicholay's parents were killed by a strong mage, so he strives to sharpen his magic skills to avenge his parents.
Because his masterworks under the royal family, Nicholay became aquainted with Charlotte and her companions.
Lucia is a childhood friend of Nicholay, and Nicholay's magic was activated when he was 8 because of her. He also has a crush on Lucia.

Drawn on the oh-so-wonderful Microsoft Paint with a mouse. (I found out I have more control with a mouse than I thought. :O)
Nicholay = My character. (Moonlit Dream)

BY THE WAY. I'm totally loving how you can upload PNG fan art now. :DDDD

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