moonlit dream (Fan Art Portfolio) He is quite the irritated

He is quite the irritated

(Title is lame on purpose.)

What's this? A TRADITIONALLY COLORED PICTURE??? Why, I only upload these once in a blue moon! :D Or so it seems to me. I hardle color w/ colored pencils any more. TT_TT Actually, I hardly color anything at all these days. I have all these line arts and sketches piling up and stuff...

Uhh... Yeah. I drew my OC Dare, because he's really easy to draw, and I had to draw something quickly. (I sketched this during gym class, because we didn't dress out that day.) Even though he's easy, the way he looks is never consistant. D: The only way you can tell it's him is because his hair is black and blue. ;3;

...I never seem to draw Dare with a happy expression. xD Which is weird, since his character is a fairly hyperactive and happy person. :/ Mostly. Usually. Whatever.

I colored this picure completely with crayola colored pencils! :D It's been a while since I've used crayolas a lot. I use them in my recent pictures, but usually just for little details. Oh, I also inked it w/ a really ink-y ballpoint pen. That's why the line art is (purposly) really messy-like.

So um... This'll probably be the last picture I upload for a while. I'm pretty busy with school. :<

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