aragorn1014 (Fan Art Portfolio) With You High in the Sky

With You High in the Sky

Happy Early Birthday Sakurie-chan!!!(by 30 minutes xDD)

My half of the art trade with Sakurie-chan and also this is her birthday present!(for now xDD I'll be coming up with another pic later...gotta go to Orlando for the next 2 days!)

My new-ish CGing style that I am SUPER proud of!! I never thought I'd get to the point where I'd be able to create something like this xDD This picture was one of those "you don't really just kinda sketch and it ends up being really good" moments LOL I've been trying out new techniques and I discovered a brush that became my new main brush for coloring on Photoshop~ so yay! ^^

And I FINALLY got up a picture of my guy style which has actually improved somewhat xDD I've been practicing with anatomy and such as well, so I hope you guys are at least somewhat impressed-ish/surprised xD

Yes I drew the shirt label in myself~ as well as the background and everything. All of the things in this pic are 100% drawn by me, no special brushes. *nods*
Well except the text, that was typed of course xD

Enjoy everyone, I really hope you guys like this piccy!!<333

Lineart done in Opencanvas 1.1
Done in Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 with Wacom Intuos3 tablet
Sakurie(c)Fire Fox Sakurie
Riku(c)Square Enix

Do not ask me how long this took because it was an ungodly number of hours I can't even remember xD

Take care! Comment/fave/hug if you guys like it!

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