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Bring On The Thunder
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*has no idea where that title came from* >>

Ahahaha, the song I use to describe Komaru mentally is on right now. That one song with 'How many times can I break and shatter? Over the line, came to find what I'm after.' I'll have to do a picture with that eventually.

Anywho, since so many people have been asking (and it's my obligation, because I needed to do this anyway) for Komaru in color, here she is! Not exactly an amazing coloring job... But I really love the colors blue and yellow together. They don't look all that great here, but one girl at school I know has a blue and yellow plaid backpack. Thus, inspiration slapped me across the face. And plus, since I wanted her 'sign' to be a thunder/lightining bolt (though I prefer thunder because it sounds cooler, and I <3 that song by Boys Like Girls.)

I can never seem to give myself enough room to draw her boots. Oh, which reminds me, a future warning: her outfit is subject to major changes. ;] 'neways, sorry this took so long to get up. And everything else is taking so long. I'm sorry about that all, but I JUST managed to sneak in some scanner time today. And when I got on, less than five minutes later, someone came in needing to use that computer. Grwah.

Her outfit colors are: blue, yellow, silver, and black. I wasn't really planning on using black, but it was for the best.

And her eyes are supposed to be grey-ish blue, if you were wondering. ;] And her hair is a blondish brown. 'Cause I always use brown, 'cause I'm biased. *laughs*

Props to FUNimation (Ima-chan, who knows Wisconsin is easily more sexy then Texas) and Sayura-chan, who both helped me out tons in coming up with Komaru's background. Especially Ima-chan. YOU ROCK MY WORLD, YOU SEXAH GIRL, YOU.

*fails at background*
Komaru © mewmewpudding *coughhack*ME*coughhack*
Kingdom Hearts © Square Enix

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color! :d, colored design, design, kingdom hearts, komaru, komaru nesshin, lighting, thunder
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