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The style of CLAMP has been really inspiring me lately. I love the look of their characters which is very long and slender and I'm starting to add that into my own style.

This is my original character from my 'Dancing Blades' story I'm slowly working on. Originally, this character was a human thief named Taylor Bugaben...but my story has all kinds of fantasy/mythical creatures in it and I wanted the thief to be really sneaky, cocky, arrogant, and damn good at being a thief and I just though...make him a neko (cat) person rather then a plain human!

I also changed his name from Taylor Bugaben to Kisten Bugaben...just thought the name Kisten fit him so much better even though he sports the nickname "Bug" by almost everyone in the story...very much to his demise.

Medium: Oulined in Bic pen
Prismacolor colored pencils
Prismacolor colorless blender
Background done in Acrylic Paint
All done on matte paper

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
bishie, bug, cat, kisten, neko, thief
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